Learn how to use Wide Angle Lens to distort your subject

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More at learnmyshot.com Watch this tutorial to learn how to make an ordinary object look really cool.

I enjoy making lamps and decided to take advantage of some LED’s I bought online. The inspiration came from an old hurricane shade i’ve had for a while and I wanted to make a dimmable lamp with it. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find incandescent bulbs thin enough to fit inside and bright enough to be functional. Here is the result and how it was done. I hope you like it. Cost Plus: Approx. Wooden Tri-pod Decorative box ACE Hardware: Miscellaneous assembly pieces www.ElementalLED.com : 0 12V touch dimmer 12V DC transformer LED Strip light



  1. Thanks ! very well done :D

  2. I came here for graphic shots of baskets.

  3. Verry nice, greats from holland

  4. photography is a personal thing. one should create images to his own liking

  5. Every time you were saying: “that much better” I did not see by what standards it was? It did not look better for me.

  6. try arts and craft stores. I bough it in “Set Shop” in New York

  7. Great tutorial. May I ask where you purchased the shinny vinyl surface. Is it a specialty item for a photo studio or is if from a larger fabric store. Thanks again for the videos that you produce. Jim

  8. I seriously considered that tripod, but I need mine to go down to 23.5 (bottom of head) and it looked like that one would not quite go that low. Need to sometimes get to level of tabletop photography table I shoot on. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks!

  10. it’s a manfrotto 475

  11. I am enjoying your vidoes and minimalistic approach. Thanks for sharing them.

    May I ask what tripod you are using here? I have been thinking of getting one specificly for studio use with a crank type center column (bought a geared head).

  12. thanks

  13. zooming in… a bit more… a bit more… NOT SO CLOSE! lol
    btw: txs for the tips :) 

  14. the is was very helpful!!

  15. Absolutely genius!

  16. One of the best videos on this subject.

  17. ..and welcome to chromatic aberration.

  18. Your videos are all very helpful. Thank you very much.

  19. good point, I just changed the title !!! thanks.

  20. Actually it says “How to use Wide Angle Lens to transform your subject”, maybe distort would be a more appropriate term!

  21. hi :) the video title is “how to use wide angle lens to distort your subject” we have a few product tutorials on the Chanel and our site, you might find those interesting…

  22. I’m guessing this wasn’t mean to be an example of product photography, since your ultra wide angle completely distorts the form to the point of not communicating what the product is.

  23. we have over 40 video tutorials check em out on our site, click the link in video description

  24. nice and quite simple work I like it its sad that quality get bad half way but anyway good work

  25. sorry about the change in quality about half way through.