League of STEAM Commercial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

Whom shall you telegram? This rare film was recently uncovered in the League of STEAM archives. It was the League’s first public advertisement. For all your supernatural elimination needs, visit www.leagueofsteam.com Special thanks to the amazing Scott Bradlee for creating the toe-tappin’ tunes! Visit him on YouTube: www.youtube.com/scottbradleelovesya and for more ’80s ragtime covers, download his track on iTunes: itunes.apple.com



  1. You guys are awesome!

  2. HAHA Ghost Busters just saw the movie last night too

  3. ATTENTION!!!!!! THIS IS AN URGENT MESSAGE FOR THE L.O.S: League of virginity,…I mean Steam…. I doth have’th a mission for thou if thine will be kindeth enough to thine retainers. Mine issue is’th the following: The Grande Latte I ordered over 20 minutes ago came with lowfat milk when I specifically asked for non-fat milk. Please contact the store manager and have him rectify this conundrum. LEAGUE OF STEAM REQUEST OUT

  4. Love this so much on so many levels. Well done sirs. Well done indeed!

  5. Wait a second… Ghostbusters in ragtime? Brilliant.

  6. i sure hope nobody crosses the steams

  7. Brilliant!

    And fourteen people knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

  8. “Who you gonna telegram? Steam Busters!”

    You guys are great =D

  9. I love the overdone silent film era make-up. It’s a great little touch.

  10. That’s actually Silent Movie style makeup lol.

  11. LOVE the makeup!

  12. As if “Who You Gonna Call” was ever grammatically correct.

  13. *to the ghostbusters theme song* whom shall you telegram? LEAGE OF STEAM!

  14. Not to normally one to nitpick, but you brought it up. Who/whom is a difference of grammatical case, exactly like I and me. Who and I are subjects (nominative case), whereas whom and me are objects (accusative/dative case). This means that after a preposition, whom is correct, but it’s also correct in other places. “You shall telegram whom? -> Whom shall you telegram?” It’s the object, even though other rules of English grammar move question words to the start of the sentence.

  15. Completely awesome except gramatically: “Whom” always has a preposition in front. If “whom” is to be used (and I’m all for it) the phrase ought to be “To whom shall your telegram be sent?”
    Come on, guys, there is always room for more grammar!

  16. awesome! :D 

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  18. Wonderful. ^_^ Fun to watch as always!