La Machine infernale

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

La Machine infernale une actualité quotidienne sur les gadgets et les objets les plus insolites de la planète
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is a steampunk themed case mod. The original 360 is now broken, so just the case remains!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. A thing of beauty!

  2. world’s most elaborate bottle opener. it’s fantastic.

  3. Awesine

  4. Look at my xbox case mod

  5. Awesome, great work

  6. i love you (:. but seriously, you do some awesome mods

  7. i want :D 

  8. your now my goddess T^T

  9. I love your console mods

  10. i think your are hottt do you have a boyfrend?

  11. DO WANT

  12. NICE! Very unique mod! Hope to see more int the future!

  13. cool work

  14. is red revolver your gamer tag..

  15. WOW! You did a GREAT job! I love the rust look the case has. I’ve seen a lot of them that have an aged wood look, but I think yours looks much better. I’ve been wanting to start doing my own case mods. Have you done any for PS3? You should PM me, cause I have a few questions about how you did this. Because I would like to do something similar.

    Once again, The case looks amazing! Keep it up!

  16. Dear GOD you are my new favorite person!!!

  17. are you able to buy just an xbox 360 case? if so how much are they?

  18. GAHHHHH… Why do you have to be soooo awesome??

  19. Really glad you’re making videos again :)

  20. I won’t you’re hot but yes, you’re pretty

  21. That’s cool. ‘Wish I could mod my pc case like that.

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  23. Nice work, love the whole steampunk theme.
    Looking at turning some old nerf guns into steampunk displays.