Kinetic Art Sculpture, Beer Can Piston Machine

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Videos | 15 comments

My very first kinetic sculpture, built in 2007. It was made to test the viability of wood as a material for building mechanical art. The most enjoyable aspect of building this work was emptying the beer can, something I practiced a lot until I found one that was just right. Want to stay up to date with my latest creations? Subscribe me here or feel free to add me on Facebook –



  1. I’m so filthy-minded, good god…

  2. Replace it with a dildo. What… Somebody had to say it.

  3. one way to keep it so you wouldnt have to replace the can is simply machine a piece of aluminum or steel in the shape of a beer can

  4. inexpensive and very beautiful, very well done, and indeed a fine piece of art… if I could I wish I could buy some of your art… but I am guessing you don’t sell these marvels? If you did, and if I had a way to transport them safely, and indeed having a way to buy them… I would pay 2.5 Million USD for some of these marvels :D Good Job on these wonderful pieces of art… If you were to try to go with a haunted house painting, maybe a painting of a face with eyes that can move? Festive :D

  5. that’s hot


  6. Pretty sexy, man. I am definitely going to make one of those. Somehow, I think the ladies like this kind of action too…. hmmm…

  7. this is what is in a eco friendly engine

  8. May i ask what you are using as a motor. I understand you must be using an electric motor of some kind but are they the same for all your sculptures ?. Do you have a fave.Im struggling to find something strong enough to run the gears smoothly but small enough to conceal easily. I understand if this is a trade secret. Kind regards Jeremy

  9. Thank you very much, sounds like a bloody good idea! Always best to be prepared, cheers to you!

  10. I would think the beer can would wear out after a while… Perhaps you’d better start working on finding some replacements.

    Oh, and it’s a nice piece of art also :o )

  11. Very creative !!!!

  12. Guess what you get when you place a dildo instead of a beer can lol

  13. That one was less advanced then your other creations, but still good

    Linda in Tennessee

  15. impressive kinetic wooden art! 5/s! :)