Killing Floor: Getting steampunk Mr Foster

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

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  2. i’ve bought the gold edition

  3. help! it says when i start “perks has been disabled because the game lenght is sent to custom, sandbox is on, or you have used cheats. i dont have custom, sandbox, or cheats on plz help!

  4. 1. download steam achievement manager
    2. start it and use it on killing floor achievements
    3. ???
    4. faster profit

  5. i have killing floor and the summer side show is still going on but when i enter my game there is no summer side show all the zombies are regular zombies there original skin but i still have the amusment park map but when i go in there the zombies are still the original skin no reskin but the thinge is i just got this game like 2 days ago and when i played the summer side show was there but the next day it was gone and today it is gone but my friends still have it what is going on? someone help.

  6. Thanks to you i now have mr. foster! You are awesome! :3

  7. thank you

  8. As long as they were part of the achievement set released on the first event they should count. I can’t remember which were released during that, though, it’s been a while. I think juggling act was one of them though.

  9. wait i wonder can other achievements lik juggling act or others counts toward mr.foster promo???

  10. ok thxs

  11. All can be done on any difficulty besides the complete a long game on normal or above.

  12. uh dos the zed time achievement can be on any difficulties???

  13. what is the lw thing called can u clear it on begginer

  14. remember that you have to do the abusment park on normal + on Long

  15. Mac 10 has incendiary ammo when a Firebug uses it so yeah you can use it. The achievement is just about setting enemies on fire, not killing them with a specific weapon.

  16. You can use the mac 10 for that?
    My friend told me you could only use the flamethrower! D:

  17. I’ve managed to get all but the long game on normal, everyone I play with is usually too disorganized to keep each other alive so everything tends to fall apart after round 5

  18. yea i had the prob too but you have to get 15 Now :D

  19. You helped me so much & now its my turn :D i add ur vid to my Favorites & like it & speciale i subscribed :D & again thank you very much xD

  20. YES! gotta put this as watch later so I can unlock him. :)