Kawaii Kon 2011, Saturday’s fun!

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Kawaii Kon 2011, Saturday’s fun!

Kawaii Kon 2011 was an eventful saturday, as we went to an Axis Powers Hetalia gathering, then had lunch with the foods of the countries we cosplayed. Then, it was off to the artist alley to see what the happenings were. Finally, the afternoon was the Steampunk Tea Party! It was an afternoon of good friends and fine food and tea!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Process: Marionettes With Geahk Burchill

www.etsy.com Read the full Etsy blog post linked above for more information. Witness master puppet maker Geahk Burchill of the Cast Iron Carousel breathe life into Asenath, the Appalachian witch. Film and Music by Eric Beug, Animation by Julia Pott. Visit Geahk’s shop on Etsy: www.etsy.com



  1. y am i not w/ them DX oh yeah i got lost cause they ditched me and i found them

  2. Ha ha ha nice to see the steampunk shenanigans again. Very cool. I was the guy in the brown coat with the shotgun. To another year of fine steampunk.

  3. I was Okita Sougo walkign with Rinoa at 3:40!!! XD YES!

  4. It sure does! Must do more steampunk!!!!!


  6. im fixing my boobs in the background…

  7. My friend Tyler is in the red shirt at 1:42 pause XDD

  8. I like how in the beginning I’m just randomly turning around…

  9. Years and years of developing CNC and this guy shows us how useless it all was… Masterpieces, no doubt about it! :)

  10. wow… thats super cool. i wonder how much it would cost to make real people

  11. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I have made portrait marionettes for people on commission.

  12. oh gosh how talented! that is amazing! there are so many different skills that go into that, it’s very impressive. do you ever make real people, like to order?

  13. I have always been fasinated by the crafting of marrianettes, im making one not anything realy big but its just si elegant and amazing how well his puppets as somwhat dememnted they are they are all so beutiful as well.

  14. WOW!!! Thank you

  15. Incredible! An amazing artist!

  16. This man is amazing, it is such a skill to do all that, I’m mind blown at the gestures these marionettes can make, these are so well done. If I had the time, I would deffinately look into doing this sort of thing

  17. this was so beautiful to watch, it made me cry. Truly like watching a child being born. so painfully rich with character.

  18. This is so amazing!! :D Also, he lives in Portland? Thats pretty cool:)

  19. wow this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this video! 

  20. Thank you @mischiefmaricookies

    To answer your question, this video was shot using a Canon 5D, with Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 & 100mm f/2 lenses.

  21. I thought this was one of the most compelling of all of the Etsy videos I’ve seen so far. Geahk isn’t just a master puppet-maker; he’s an incredible storyteller. I’m curious: what kind of camera was used to shoot this? The images are beautiful.

  22. Great video. You really captured the experience of puppet making.

  23. This is the best puppetry video I’ve seen on youtube yet – beautiful work, Ghaek, I can’t wait to see this in person!

  24. One of my favorite memories of my childhood has always been going to see Fairy Tale Marionette Theatre at the mall in my home town. It absolutely enthralled me!!
    Lovely figures, beautiful! Thanks Etsy, for always keeping it inspiring!

  25. uuuu cool!! wow

  26. This is amazing!…what more can i say? I’m speechless:O

  27. Thanks for noticing! Etsy does indeed produce these videos. We try to find great stories about great artists and share them with all of you. I (Eric) produced this video about Geahk, but the workmanship, the designs, the locations, the stories, are all 100% his. Stay tuned –a new video every Tuesday!

  28. SPEACHLESS! omg…beautifull.

  29. That was beautiful….. It brought tears to my eyes

  30. i m speechless…so amazing…

  31. wow that was super impressive thanks for sharing such a beautiful art

  32. This was great! I’m so glad that Etsy is featuring artists that are out there actually BEING artists, being involved in groups and shows and events, and having actual opinions and visions about their work. The handmade is so much more pervasive and important than people just selling things for the sake of having others buy them.