Drawing of a Steampunk flying machine
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  1. Wow, that’s amazing!

  2. @bludipz how is that anything like a zeppelin?

  3. Awesome Thanks!!

  4. Nice, but this is more of a steampunk zeppelin.

  5. good drawing but longg….. fast foward . thumbs up

  6. Awesome sketch.

  7. 2 Weeks ago so it must be almost built by now!!
    Love the way you just add as you go along and shadow as well (must try that) .
    Was a nice trip inside your head!
    Thanks for that

  8. Hey thanks. It was an experement and something that I have never tried before. It’s so wierd watching yourself draw, try it.

  9. Awesome!! I always like to see how people work at their studio, alone and concentrated :)