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Corsets, LARPing and Cthulhu. New videos every Wednesday. Follow Joe on Twitter: Like Joe on Facebook: Directed & Shot by Matt Friedman – Thanks to the Steampunk Symposium Next Wednesday: Joe Goes GOLD
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  1. 0:23 I wouldn’t mind boning that blonde chick!

  2. Just don’t get eaten randy

  3. I don’t like this guy -_- stupid he, stupid questions

  4. The police have no legal authority to force you to delete footage of anything, bro. You should have just left with it. They’d have to have a warrant to keep it or detain you.

  5. 0:36, No… xD 4:07 NIN Closer Goggles. 

  6. Yiff yiff yiff yiff

  7. Cthulhu. He’s like a monster/god in the nerdiverse.

  8. Whats katholou?

  9. 3:17 to easy XD

  10. Its so funny how that girl at 4:20 was so ready to kiss him

  11. that girl at 4:22 got denied.

  12. how the fuck did he get away with that “you’re a virgin and you’re going to die alone” line? haha

  13. joe is gods gift to youtube