Jewelry Making 101: Easy Steampunk Designs with Brass Stampings By B’sue Boutiques

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Jewelry Making 101: Easy Steampunk Designs with Brass Stampings By B'sue Boutiques

Get out your goggles and your aviator gear, it’s Jules Verne meets Mad Max in the middle of a romantic Victorian Gothic novel……Steampunk! Come and play in the Messy Workshop with B’sue as she discusses the use of gears, propellers, wheels, watch parts, buckles and American made brass stampings to make cool whirly-twirly Steampunk charms and pendants that MOVE. Also discussed are easy riveting techniques and unexpected elements that you can use to make Steampunk Style pieces. You’ll also find a great and growing selection of everything you need to make Steampunk, Altered or Indie art jewelry at Make sure to come and visit soon!

here is a steampunk victorian clock gears and heart design that is perfect for many different occasions. it has a steampunk inspired heart with a key and clock gears throughout with riveted valves. i hope you like it. it is fun to do! http



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  2. thank you love your video

  3. She is just gorgeous! Such an inspiration to me :)

  4. How awesome!!! I’m trying to make a steampunk necklace for my niece. Have a lot of parts, and you have given me some great ideas!!! Please, please, keep this up for all of us!

  5. Great video! I am so behind the times!

  6. All so amazing. But for anyone know a store or place I can find the items or pieces to make these. If u know please tell me. I’d love to make sum steam punk jewelry.

  7. Actually, it turns out I bought the wrong whirlygig, there is more than one kind so now I will order the correct kind.

  8. I bought all the piecesin this video but the rose thing that goes on the whirly gig is too large so that you can’t actually bend down the ends to keep the rose thing on. What am I missing?

  9. Wow! This is very creative! I love steampunk jewelry!

  10. the only thing you left out is how I am going to convince my parents at buying your stuff for my halloween

  11. is it possible along with riveting to TIG weld many of the parts? obviously the connections would be solid rather than free moving but it seems that it is possible to weld some of these parts together

  12. That’s true. But you do need to take into consideration that something like a percolator could not fit onto your finger.

  13. i really want to try make steam punk jewelry but what sort of equipment would i need to start besides pliars and watch parts?

  14. omg…I think I’ve found heaven!

  15. love your attitude…..excellent instruction excellent lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Where do you live? I have to come over so you can do my nails this way! I absolutely love them!

  17. This reminds me of dre swain jewelry. Which I am IN LOVE with

  18. acrylic paint from the craft store :D

  19. hahahahaha thank you tiff! i am goofy..i am just taping my life, but i am having tons of fun and i am glad you like it :) *huge hug* it is nice to meet you!!

  20. You’re amazing at what you do Robin! I’m so glad I found you ;) Oh yeah, I love all your sound effects that you make during the videos…dot dot dot…boom boom boom. lol it cracks me up!

  21. I was wondering why my nails never turn out as beautiful as this and then I noticed you talking about paint, not nail polish. What kind of paint do you use?


  23. Freakin’ amazing!!! :-D

  24. when i saw your question i laughed and i knew it!!! *huge hug* i love that you love this design, it is one of my all time favorite designs. i also have tutorials with easier cogs and things to practice etc. remember to keep your paint very thin :) my love to you!

  25. You are so right I love this look! Perfect colors and I am in love with your keys.

  26. @TrustYourSkepticism p.s. i love steampunk too…it is my favorite genre to paint…..and i love your name :) nice to meet you :)

  27. @TrustYourSkepticism mostly patience, you totally can do is just one step after the other. in my favorites section of the front page is all of the videos on how to get your brushes right and on the left hand side is a link to my most asked questions….watch and read those and get started!! if you do try them, show me on my fan page :) *huge hug* if you go to the fan page you will see other girls trying and doing it!!! :) it is totally learnable :)

  28. hehehe thank you so so much ….i LOVE what i do and i really love teaching so hopefully i teach some cool stuff and make people smile..i am so so happy you said this :)  *huge hug* that is awesome and its so nice to meet you :) i am overwhelmed with comments right now, but this means a lot to me. :) much love and thank you :)

  29. I love all ur videos, I love ur attitude all cheerful it makes me smile dnt knw why lol, thumbs up

  30. thank you so much!!!

    ground control

  31. beautiful. nice work girl. talented ;D

  32. i have a more basic steampunk tutorial called ‘clock gears’ in my hot nail playlist..maybe that would be a bit easier..i am so happy you like this..this is one of my favorite designs to paint ;) :):) i am so happy you are watching!!!

  33. If you made falsies and sold your nail art online I would be broke! Love this design but also love the simple gorgeous effect of the base of the nails before putting the steampunk designs on. The colours looked gorgeous on. Would definitely love to see a simple tutorial on that if you feel like doing a tutorial but are a little lazy that day. hehe :) Thumbs up for your talented self.

  34. xoxoxoxoxx thank you sage!

  35. awesome nail art! Thanks

  36. thank you so much!!!! i am so thankful you are watching! xoxo

  37. Love it! great tutorial!

  38. no robin, i thank you so so so so 1 mil so much for taking time and puting your gorgeous art here on youtube for everyone to see,learn ,and replicate or be inspired…i enjoy watching your videos even if i myself am not an nail artist i still like them very much and try to do some of what you show in your videos :( ( i fail so miserabile, but i’m still doing it the next time you post a video :D please keep it up,lots of love from romania <3

  39. haha! iva……*huge hug* thank you :) :)