Jay Leno: The Original Steam Punk – Garage419

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Jay Leno: The Original Steam Punk - Garage419

Jay Leno shows Garage 419 his love for the Model T, steam… and why he thinks it’s one of the best power sources ever put to work. -Garage419
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  1. You guys commenting about “the guy with the bad face hair” are so fucking superficial. Get over yourself. He is probably twice as good looking as your ugly asses anyway.

  2. You’re a hopeless dipshit aren’t you? “I only want to know about new cars huuur.” Go drag your knuckles elsewhere.

  3. How in the WORLD does a spook like the guy with the moronic facial hair get in a position to hare a car-related show when he doesn’t know shit about cars???

    Gotta’ give Jay a lot of credit for patience for even putting up with and being polite to an idiot like that.

  4. It’s so goddamn bulletproof.

  5. Leno is great on this subject. The nut with the bad facial hair detracts, however.

  6. Jay Leno, Tom Morey here. 77 yr old Morey Boogie inventor. Recentl switching focus to devote remaining years to combining best of past and emerging tech to cause open source development of cold fusion steam craft for the common man which has at it’s core model T minimalism. Thus, I really GOT your spirit on the topic. I hope you YOUTUBE Besler Steam air craft ad UFO engine. Thank you for your patient explanations.

  7. man, jay earned a lot of respect from me with this video, and a lot more with his closing statement about only liking high end cars.

  8. Thank-you Jay, for your amazing collection.

  9. PUT YOUR BRAIN IN GEAR BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR MOUTH IN MOTION ! We have NOT needed GASOLINE since 1969 SEE H2W = LINEAR MOTORS & VOICE COILS. ie…NCM24-60-4190 = 0-419 ft lbs to peak @ 1257 ft lbs FROM 383 watts to 3450 peak watts THATS what some off road E bikes use ! VOICE COILS drawing 126 watts put out @ a 2″ stroke 90 lbs PUSH & PULL force THESE devices pull G forces 24/7 @ 12 Gs

  10. - Don’t forget the Volt… Yes, for $40K (plus $250k in gov’t subsidies) you too can own a hybrid!

  11. The guy with the bad facial hair is amazing. Did I say amazing? I meant a fucking idiot with bad facial hair.

  12. union made? What? Like labour unions?

  13. Jay has the cash to own any car yet he buys a pre union, pre douche-bag union, lets face it, Jay isn’t intrested in a union made piece of dung, unions step in and iconic autos vanish. Union cars are Pinto, K-cars and waste like that. nobody collects or is intrested (historicaly or currently) in buying union made junk.

  14. How about a video of all your collection there? That would be a wondrous Christmas gift to all of the citizens of this U.S.A.

  15. I dunno, it kinda works. it’s like, “these be sacred grounds”

  16. they might be bringing em back!

  17. The zen music is making me want to kill someone.