Interactive Kinetic Steampunk Sculptures by Marque Cornblatt

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Interactive Kinetic Steampunk Sculptures by Marque Cornblatt

For centuries the use of tools by humans has been used as a marker – one of several gauges of that particular quality that define humans as unique and self-aware beings. Over the millennia, the development and use of certain tools has effected the quality of life so profoundly, that one can scarcely imagine life without their use. Language, social structures, medicine, electricity, mass communication. There exists in our culture the promise of technological solutions to every need, problem and issue associated with the human condition, from the basic needs of food and shelter, to more sophisticated requirements of the human animal – fast food, financial credit, internet dating, artificial hearts, and MTV. Attempts to meet these needs with technology comes in a variety of forms – from AT & T providing lengthy and complex exchanges of information without the customer ever speaking with a live operator, to computer controlled medical implants monitoring and performing an increasing number of metabolic and physiological functions in the human body. The conceptual cornerstones of “that which makes humans unique” continue to be challenged and defeated. Internally, in the case of medical advancements, and externally – as demonstrated by the increasing number of “human” interactions which no longer have two humans participating. Identity and self-awareness are no longer the exclusive terrain of human beings. We live in the age of the “transhuman” being.



  1. @Parabomb311 So, the Virgin Mary with shit on her can be “art”, but this can’t. Hmmm. Please, tell me how that works.

  2. @Parabomb311 What is art? How do you define art? But returning to the matter at hand… This is sculpture, you’re a fucking idiot, and you should crawl back into the hole you came from.

  3. @Parabomb311 Tell that to the SFMOMA, SJ Museum of Art and many other institutions and galleries in NYC and CA, because they all seem to feel differently than you. Thx for viewing!

  4. This is really cool! Something like HR Giger!

  5. Se på mine video. Du vil sikkert bli sjokkert

  6. Amazing. Love the angel.

  7. freaky weird but cool

  8. Hi-

    I’m Marque. Thanks for the interest. I have a website and a few blogs you can check out:
    marquecornblatt (dot) com
    gomistyle(dot) com
    mediasapien.wordpress (dot) come
    sparkyjr.ning (dot) com

  9. wow.

    this is the best art i have seen in a long time.

    this is going to be a major inspiration on my art final.

    does anyone know where i can get anymore information on Marque Cornblatt???

  10. this is kinda creepy

  11. This is… art!
    Would be a thing which you see on an event like Robo-Dock (Amsterdam Netherlands).
    Very, very cool, inspires me to make something like that for the Steampunk collection. Especially the first one caught my intrest.

  12. Amazing pieces.

  13. Wow, that’s amazing!

  14. very cool stuff man. Music from Groovepod is also excellent. I have a lot of the same ‘toys’ he does, You hear that when you own the same software. :)

  15. stop the hate ;( be nice 2 each other

    hi 2 u all LG