ImagineFX go steampunk for issue 92

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Videos | 11 comments

Issue 92 of ImagineFX is on sale today, with Steve Argyl’s steampunk dragon cover, and loads more inside. See more here: Get a FREE digi…
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Second video here, and another inking, but this time, I’ll show later how I’ll color it with my beloved markers ^^ So stay here and enjoy !!! Done with pigma…
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  1. My dad bought me the Fantasy Workshop book by you guys and I love it!
    Definetly recommend to anyone who wants to get better at Digital Art :D great book!

  2. Looks great, what’s the background music?

  3. i just bought an issue on Zinio, but i cant seem to find the workshop video, where do i find it?

  4. Second woot, I know it’s stupid, but, second is pretty hard to get nowadays on youtube.

  5. Sorry for the late reply, I was moving in a new home and don’t have a computer since a few day ! I use Tombow dual brush for coloring, not inking. For inking I use Sakura pigma micron (my favorite ones)

  6. I’m really amazed about your drawing technique. What kind of pen do you use for this? I’m starting illustration on paper (have done a few in digital formats), and I’m only used to Tombow dual brush. Which is obviously more thicker than this one you’re using.

  7. i love your inking soooooo much i wish i was that clean with my lines

  8. thts how i want to learn how to ink lol

  9. Nice 8)

  10. nicely done :) 

  11. wish I had your talent