IGDaily – Batman: The Gas Knight – 2/28/12

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www.youtube.com Click here to watch IGDaily – Under Construction with Syndicate – 2/27/12 IGDaily – Batman: The Gas Knight – 2/28/12 Beavers, builders of dams, edible treats, and of course, suers of companies. It all makes sense if only you watch this episode of Inside Gaming Daily. Best Link Ever: youtu.be Gotham by Gaslight: www.insidegamingdaily.com Joustin’ Beaver: www.youtube.com Hawken: www.insidegamingdaily.com Jet Set Radio: www.insidegamingdaily.com Trailers: www.insidegamingdaily.com IG Newsletter: www.insidegamingdaily.com IG Blog blog.machinima.com – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - This video will show you… HOW TO be a beaver HOW TO use a gaslight HOW TO get jet set – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: www.youtube.com TAGS: IGDaily Machinima Inside Gaming Daily IGD MACHIGDaily Adam Kovic Matt Dannevik Dark Knight Batman Gotham By Gaslight Steampunk Jet Set Radio HD Xbox Live Arcade Playstation Network PC Justin Beiber Jountin’ Beaver iPhone App Game Dead Space 3 on Frostbite 2 Engine Hawken Million Halo 4 Footage FIFA Street Demo Soccer Game Releases of the Week Mediacows Trailers Mortal kombat Komplete Edition Launch Grimlands Gameplay Ghost Recon Online Recon Class
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Video Rating: 4 / 5



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  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why are they making that robot game free-to-play, that ruins SO MANY pc games. If you dont know why I hate some F2P games then go quickly use your brain.

  3. It is a show you can subscribe but it is still part of machinima Find it by searching inside gaming click on the top result then click the subscribe button on the page. You now have a subscription with only Inside Gaming

  4. Go back to talking with characters

  5. they where smart about investing in it, just like they are smart about investing in Hawken

  6. uhm???

  7. “Fucking liars!” lmao

  8. Awww :( MESSA SAD ANNI!

  9. i doubt machinima will allow them to do that

  10. What is your channel? Why can’t I find it? Where is it?Y U Do DIS 2 ME?

  11. Maybe it’s to show that they are rotting and dying!!! >:DD

    i dunno, I’ve never noticed it until you pointed it out xD

  12. i don’t see a difference between the two games at all.. O_O

  13. you dont really have to be smart to create league of legends you can just copy from dota like they did

  14. 5:13 I lost the game-_-


  16. I liked the old shitty, in the office outlook. The new ‘set:’ reminds me of IGN. That’s bad.

  17. that batman…so want!

  18. when your drunk it all toooksw like vixde o games

  19. No, didn’t have any need for annealing since the metal was soft enough to bend without it. Perhaps if the design was more complex it might be necessary. It might have helped on the knuckles, but straight hammering worked fine for me

  20. You can just dowload the template and cut out the paper yourself

  21. since this was in brass, it cost about $60 in metal and another $25 for the gloves. My new gauntlet tutorial has stainless steel ($20) and I got leather gloves from Walmart for about $13

  22. how much did it all cost for it all

  23. Ill be fine with just the paper one

  24. can u send the paper one to me, that will be enough for me

  25. Itachi? aren’t you satisfied with your sharingan? do you REALLY need and armor now?

  26. Dapping not rapping. Stupid auto correct

  27. Do you ever anneal the brass before shaping? Also, getting a larger rapping block might cut down the time it takes to shape the larger curved pieces. Cheers from LA! Great vid

  28. thanks, that helps a lot!

  29. no, I don’t make them to sell

  30. It’s plenty sturdy enough if you use 18ga sheet metal, but to be considered “battle ready” you will need to use real rivets and not the leather rivets I used in the video

  31. How well can this hold up against swords (false-edged, training blades but still steel)?

  32. FINALLY i can have some good hand protection for my airsoft wars

  33. can i just buy it straight from you!?!?

  34. oh very good!