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Article by Grant Dupill

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Hello, my name is Grant Dupill.I started collecting and creating cool things 4 years ago after being stationed in a remote desert community and having little creative outlets available. While at first I experienced pure boredom, being forced to reside in such a small isolated community has proven to be a blessing in disguise. Since childhood I had always wanted to weld and create sculpture from metal. I remember passing by places with large abstract sculptures in Vermont, Connecticut and New York and being floored by “junk” being transformed into beauty. After being stationed in Del Rio Texas I began to realize quickly that I would have to create my own fun. I remembered these works of art I had seen in my earlier years.

I purchased my first welder and basic hand tools in 2008 and began to create BBQ grills for myself and friends, small sculptures and garden art from recycled materials like horseshoes, 55 gallon drums, and stainless steel beer kegs. I soon began to expand when I realized I needed furniture for my own home. Soon enough I acquired a large gas driven arc welder, plasma cutters, and oxygen/acetylene cutting torches. Now my shop is almost perfect for my needs. It contains various antique blacksmith and tinsmith tools as well as modern welding equipment, allowing me create almost anything I envision.

Another hobby I have is picking, similar to what you see on the History Channel’s “American Pickers”. I love going to flea markets, salvage yards, garage sales and obtaining unique vintage items from any source possible. All of the pieces I have for sale began with me stopping in a business or residence and inquiring about items I see. Through these methods I have met some very interesting people and built reliable contacts who have helped a great deal in my current ventures. I seek not only “intact” items, but pieces that capture the spirit of what they once were. The spirit of the piece is most important to me and my goal is to capture its essence.

Iron Alterations is located in Del Rio Texas and contains various industrial, modern, shabby-chic, rustic, retro, steampunk and vintage style lighting fixtures. Every piece is handmade and most contain greater than 75% recycled/reclaimed materials. Iron Alterations also carries unique hand crafted furniture and art from steel, glass, aluminum, copper, brass, and wood.

Please feel free to contact me!

Grant Dupill309 Pulliam StreetDel Rio, TX830-313-8818

Please check out http://www.ironalterations.com for current works for sale!

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Grant Dupill

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