Humano Mechanicus Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Dieselpunk Music RPG

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

A soundtrack made in Magix Music Maker, created in order to give some darkish background to an RPG session. Suits for Steampunk settings. Though is fine for Cyberpunk too. Made by Me, but feel free to distribute and use the way you like, as long as it’s tagged :P . There you go download link
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  1. got anything else like this? loving it :)

  2. I’m usually picky when it comes to free non-professional music but you’ve got talent (and a good software)!

  3. The Norwegian Steampunk Cosplay & Roleplaying Group of EtherScope is now using this on a daily basis. Great battle theme, awesome dungeon crawl background noise og final showdown song. Tips of the hat from us all!

  4. Cheers :) Glad you liked it.

  5. Hi – Thanks for putting this in public…
    I thought you’d like to know we’ve used a clip of it in a short trailer for asteampunk event we’re hosting here.
    If you’re curious it’s on my uploads. I’ve linked you on it for full acknowledgement of creator : )
    Thanks again, great work!

  6. thank you for the royalty free music. If we use it, we’ll let you know.

  7. Do you do a lot of work like this? I know a guy who could really use your help if you do.

  8. Sure I made it Creative Commons LKicence so feel free to use :)

  9. Hey for a class of mine we’ll be making a shooter game mind if I use this? It is really great BGM music for something dramatic or a fighter.

  10. oh you’re a god

  11. i literally got goosebumps, well done, not many songs can do that to me :}

  12. this is really good well done!

  13. Omg your a genius!

  14. me gusta

  15. download firefox (if you havent already) then go to their add ons and look for a download called ant downloader..
    I have downloaded this on there and it works just fine…
    Hope this helps

  16. YuriPRIME… Ten Stars !!!

  17. Hot Damn. This is gonna be the theme song for some steampunk action rebellion movie or something. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *epic flails from the awesome*

  18. you should honestly make more music this is really good.

  19. Awesome dude , im totally gonna use this for some steam punk campaign sessions…:) I make such music my self , here is one i made few years back: /watch?v=yveYAtFSPlE&feature=player_embedded#at=101

  20. This is simply brilliant!!!

  21. cool

  22. I didn’t. I made it. :)

  23. where did you find this musik?