How To T-Shirt Cutting (halter top) by Kandee

Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in Videos | 25 comments NEW! Better video on how to cut a t-shirt into a halter-top style….You can see what I’m doing in this video!
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  1. you’re watch is amazing, what’s the brand?

  2. OMFG you are so adorable! <3

  3. Luv it!!!!! Can you do a tutorial on how to marble your nails I can’t get the hang of it

  4. Amazing!!!

  5. I love this! Thanks Kandee, you are talented and sweet! I cut up my first t-shirt successfully, now I’m ready to experiment with all my shirts that I never wear because they don’t fit right. Great for huge shirts as well:-)

  6. this video is awesome!! so helpful, thank you!

  7. Fantastic can’t wait to jazz up a few of my old t shirts

  8. she already did one. its called “t-shirt cutting- football jersey & sweatshirt”

  9. you look like somebody form a tv show i used to watch

  10. She has one already. Its called How to cut t hsirts 80′s style

  11. Cut the neckline down.(:

  12. This is not cute lol

  13. I did this and people said it looks like a bib.:( anyone have any tips on what I can do to make it look like a real halter?

  14. How old are yhu? Not in the mean way though….

  15. u look like charlize theroon omgggg

  16. thank you can u do ane on how to make a tube top

  17. By God!! This shit was AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!

  18. your so cool

  19. Every Kandee video! lol I do the same thing.

  20. So… I watched this ahwile ago and thought how creative… well. I just got the chance to do it. In fact, I was cutting, pausing, playing, cutting throughout just now!!!

  21. I think u should keep doing ur make up

  22. You are such a sweetheart.
    Thank you for your tutorials, they
    help a lot!

  23. I have cut up quite a few of my workout tshirts to make a cute workout Outfit so I don’t feel so “sloppy”. I love your ideas!

  24. I love your t shirt ideas! I’m in high school and going on a trip with my marching band in like a week. and I needed some ideas of ways to look cute and also not spend a fortune. You’ve helped me sooo much! I’m using this idea for a halter top (as a cover up on the beach and water park) and the 80′s t shirt idea (for my travel wear since its nine hours on a bus and I want to look cute and be comfy) Thank you soooo much! you are now going to be my DIY fashion idol!!!

  25. This is mostly for people who have old t-shirts laying around that they dont wear anymore (or for t-shirts that dont fit them like they used to). Instead of throwing them away, you can find creative ways to wear them again :)