How to steampunk a water pistol

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 17 comments

Using black spray paint and ”rub and buff” you can turn an ordianry squirtgun into something extraordinary

Nothing special just a really quick way to make a Steampunk old school looking Terrarium that is kinda cool. If you wanted to make it a little more complex you could add gravel and fertiliser as well. But as stated is just a really quick tutorial.



  1. You can buy Rub N Buff at art or craft stores like Michale’s.

  2. That was very neat. Here are my issues though. It is very difficult to understand you. You talk way to fast. Your volume is to low. And you should post what the product you are using in the comments. Maybe make a general suggestion of where we can find this stuff.
    Other then that? The gun you guys made is awesome and I hope you make another video. Take your time!!! Have guns done in like different stages of being complete so we can see how you do it. I like your work.

  3. Rub n Buff is available in over a dozen colours/shades.

  4. Very very very helpful *.*
    I’m trying to do a steampunk costume without spend much money =/

  5. where can I buy rub n buff????

  6. There’s actually about 24 colors of rub n buff, check on pearlpaint

  7. Great idea! Thanks guys ;o)

  8. Hey! Thanks guys! This is a great simple method that is very inexpensive. Hope to see more from you! Take care.

  9. whoa you are right by my house….weird

  10. The stuff is Rub and Buff not rub duf:D and the only colours it comes in are silver, copper, and gold. so You might try just using varying colours of red spray paint…

  11. How is that steampunk?

  12. So freaken what you put a plant on a jar and called it steampunk… wow!

  13. P.S. You open the jar.

  14. Hey, you should add subtitles on your videos :3  I would really appreciate it :D THANKS!

  15. aussies get up to all kinds of nonesense when they’re pissed.

  16. with their huge lungs

  17. how do the plants breathe being enclosed in a glass jar?