How to Steampunk a Nerf Gun (DIY)

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 35 comments

The simplest build I will do for awhile. Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod at:
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Tutorial showing how to create steampunk polymer clay charms



  1. aka how to be a scrub nerd

  2. seriously…Batman gadgets

  3. bfx already did. mine would be the same but with armor plating. so essentially just combine their suit video with their armor video.

  4. Hey can you show how to make a spacesuit

  5. Awesome video dude, me and my 6-year old son are watching and we are planning to build some (steampunk) guns. Thanks for the tut and inspiration. And I subbed :-)

  6. Hey Jake I would really appreciate your insight on how to make pouches for my sci fi armor on a budget and would also like it if you would make things that would make a sci fi film seem more sci fi. Your observation of octagon doors in sci fi movies was very insightful and I was wondering if you could expand that idea further but with other things.

  7. jake can you make a time jump device similar to what was used on MIB3?

  8. sci fi bits n pieces.

  9. can you make a pineapple grenade?

  10. Super cool! :D

  11. Great job!!!!! Really cool!!!! Keep it up!!! :D D

  12. Really cool ism a nerfer so may make this

  13. G36c please

  14. $4 from a site called blick art

  15. Can you make an alien face hugger prop? You know since Alien is getting some spot light n stuff.
    Or a baby xeno morph. : )

  16. Cool

  17. I would like to see you make like a sci fi kind of gun but using like all metal parts.

  18. nice steam punk gun :)
    I am making one myself(your welcome to checkout my vid’ when it gets uploaded), but seams to end up more like a “firefly space cowboy gun” than steam punk though.

  19. can you build crossbow prop?

  20. Sweet!

  21. Can I hug you?

  22. Your fun to watch and very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  23. wats the thing above the alice in wonderland hat a 00.34?

  24. ur so creative and talented :)

  25. I just use vegetable oil to soften sculpey

  26. WOW! I really want to try this!!!!!!!! :D it looks awesome!!!!

  27. Honestly, I haven’t liked the Kato clay….it all goes to taste, I think. No probs with Sculpey or Premo, so long as you condition it properly before you put it through the pasta machine. To each his own! Great video. I love! your charms.

  28. Thank you!!!!

  29. Clay is so much fun! I’m glad you’ve discovered it and are having fun.

  30. Some clays if not mixed correctly when it was made (like when it was made before you bought it) it will start cracking and be brittle

  31. this is so cool!!! more please!!!

  32. Thanks for your sweet comment. I am working on some new tutorials right now. I probably won’t get them out for a few weeks (college & work – yuck!).

  33. this is wonderful.. I agree.. PLEASE do some more :) anything steampunk I am all for.. there are not enough tutorials

  34. I am definitely working on some more videos!

  35. Great Job! Do more please!