How to Paint Roses: robin moses gothic steampunk wedding nail art design tutorial 559

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(found in the “dark” and “elegant playlist)most all questions are answered in my FAQ LINKS BELOW! these are beautiful and can be done in a million ways. i hope you try them and show me at my fanpage. please spread the word and my love to you guys! (most asked questions link below) (most asked questions in video link below) AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only is so important to me)
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  1. Hi robin love your work! Thank you for your videos i try my best to learn from them i learned so much from u already :)  keep up the good workk

  2. LOLOL i love you rock.

  3. I almost said the same thing just now. lol

  4. when you pay someone to do laundry for me, i will turn it offf…spread the word so i can. dang. :D

  5. why is the dryer on in every vid????

  6. it is not sad at all! remember that it takes time. practice this on paper and use my tutorials as guides for you. it takes a lot of practice to learn to use your brushes and get the paint right but if you dont give up… willl find a joy in painting that will last a lifetime. i hope you understand that you are your own worst critic, like i think all my designs are not good enough….we just have to be strong and not give up. *huge hug*

  7. It’s a great job, sadly I found it hard to me

  8. I think I need to try this tonight. I haven’t painted my nails since CHRISTMAS and I’ve been having terrible withdrawl. idk if it was a lack of vitamins or what but my nails all broke off and peeled past the quick and were icky, so I didn’t bother painting them. Now that I’ve been watching your videos again (my old computer DIED, didn’t get a new one for a month) I don’t think I can hold off on painting my nails again any longer!

  9. Hello Robin ,i love ur nail arts. This tutorial is rocking as always too <3
    kindly visit my channel for spring flower power nails. hope u like.

  10. They look so perfect, damn it!

  11. haha..the screetching sound is a leak in my freezer line…all is well!

  12. hello! simple roses are not simple. google robin moses roses and there will be a handful of tutorials now. listen to all of them just in case i missed a key element in painting them. they are the hardest thing to paint because they are so diminsional. you must start dark and the last color you use just be the lightest. it is just step by step by step. keep rewinding and do not give up. roses are still not easy for me to paint, but i refuse to do one step roses…LOL :D xo

  13. haha! lots of people say that now..that is an awesome thing! she always cracked me up ;D

  14. thank you !

  15. in my FAQ playlist on the front page of this youtube, you will find a video called “cutting brushes” or google: robin moses cutting brushes and you will find how i create my brushes. i do not buy them this way. you can cut any brush to be perfect for you!! good luck :D

  16. Where do you get this tiny brushes ??

  17. I love them

  18. very talented

  19. heheheheh <3<3! hugggge hug from oregon! i will try and post some colorful designs soon :D

  20. its kaay YAY!! jumping with joy here maan so glad ive finally tlked to u :D D xoxo :D DDDD

  21. your voice reminds me of pheobe from friends haha!