How to Make Wire Wrapped Rings

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Supplies and materials used in this video – Discount! – Learn how to wire wrap different rings in this special video from featuring Shanna Steele.

Need a body form but dont have the cash for one? Well this week Threadbanger Projects shows you how to make a replica of yourself using your old scraps,some packaging tape and an old christmas tree.You’ll have to see it to believe it! More ideas on body form stands at Follow Threadbanger on Twitter!
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  2. Just Lovely! So Sweet!

  3. Thank you for this video. It was clear, easy to see, and directions were easy to follow!!!

  4. what are the names to these beads??

  5. why are you so strong :(  I can’t pull the wire tight!! Lol

  6. That’s why there’s a pause button, and you can rewind

  7. Is there a tutorial for the ring worn in this video? It’s beautiful!

  8. i made a ring out of wire right before i got with my girlfriend a three of years ago when we were sophmores in highschool. she still wears it to this day ! I love that ring and so does she!

  9. i’ll make a ring from the anime reborn!!

  10. straightforward and helpful. great tutorial, can’t wait to make my own rings :)

  11. great video. Thank you.

  12. video was great thanks! I also love the ring you have on in this one got a toutorial for that one? :)

  13. POOP!!

  14. Like I,always wanted to try it

  15. Loved it!

  16. Kind of talk a little bit too fast for a beginner

  17. nice i was need this wish more vedios ^^

  18. check it out for a koa wood ring for lowest price add the w’s at the beginning. I can’t because youtube’s comment thing is weird

  19. that was awesome :D thank u <3

  20. show lebron how to make one.

  21. Nice rings … I’m going to watch this video 3 or 4 times !

  22. I think I will use buttons for the 3rd style ring with the double holes! GREAT tutorial!

  23. thanks sooo much for this video, I’m definitely subscribing! I’m thinking about doing this as a new hobby

  24. Thank so much for posting this. This was the best vid for wire wrapping rings that I’ve found on here.

  25. You ladies make things so much more simplistic than ANYone ive seen on Youtube.. THANK YOU!!!

  26. I loved it so much. Thanks

  27. I can’t see the video at all

  28. That is super amazing! I need one so bad and they are sooo expensive to buy one. You could do this for yourself and even make ones for each of your friends or clients, put their names on them and get them out when needed! Super cool!

  29. where can i buy the pancking tape thing?

  30. I did this 15 years ago back in college and put a lamp inside the form. everyone loved it. 

  31. Great show!

  32. amazing !! good job >> complimenti from Georgia

  33. I do like the idea of using a trash bag, instead of an old t shirt!

  34. My name is Naomi and I’m short so my friends call me Gnomie but pronounce the G. lol my friend sent me a picture of their sewing machine haha :)

  35. Whats the name of the tape you used? I looked for that same one in staples but I couldn’t find it.

  36. LOL I love how awkward the model’s face is when she’s doing the boobs… xD

  37. Guys, this is wonderful and nice. I thought i could do one myself but getting my back size, was the problem. I needed this because i have not got my shape in the ready made dummy.

  38. You guys are Amazing!!!! I love your ideas. As a beginner in sewing and not having much money to stock up on fabrics your DIY projects are just what I need. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  39. alguien me podriaa decir los materiales de favor esque no se ingles pongalo en ingles no importa someone could do me the great favor of materials thank you very much

  40. “The boob area”….. LOL.

  41. Can you make this with self adhesive paper tape also? because that would be awesome!

  42. OMG Is that Piccolo from DBZ at 4:28?

  43. great. sould not use air love doll with body suit, explode

  44. If you’ll send me a PM I have a few ideas that could help you with this particular problem.


  46. Lol, Piccolo is pinned up in the background. Dragonball Z!