How to Make Steampunk Style Bobby Pins

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Learn how to make steampunk style bobby pins with Barbe St. John, featured artist in “Steampunk Style Jewelry” ( and Craftside’s Stefanie Girard ( in this Look Learn & Create video!

Welcome to the Messy Workshop…..and the Nuthouse! Even on a wild day full of mayhem and confusion there’s still time to make jewelry and experiment with new colorization tips. Come visit for a bit, bring a cuppa and enjoy meeting some of my favorite friends and explore manipulating filigree to make a ring, manipulating whirlygig stampings to encase treasures you can rivet to Steampunk designs. I’ll even share a few new pendants I’vemade in the Steampunk style with you. Then we’ll move over to the other bench so I can show you the Adirondack Paint Dabbers that just arrived. They work nicely for colorizing brass stampings, especially pierced, textured and filigree pieces. These are acrylic paints so they are great option for those who have sensitivities to other colorization products. We’ll also talk a tad bit more about Gilder’s Paste and using a brush to best effect with that product! Hang onto your hats…..we’ll be all over the place in this video!



  1. You can probably do that, I’m gonna try, I have a few broken watches…

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  4. Imagine if the piece actually had a working clock, now that would be nice.

  5. Just glue on some gears and call it steam punk

  6. is it possible to make steampunk gauges? 

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  15. I watched one or two more of “how to’s” and I may say, that the host woman is pretty annoying with her interrupting.
    And little advice for those who haven’t seen other videos about resin crafting: use gloves while working with epoxy. It’s very poisonous in a liquid form, so also you should work with it in a super ventilated room. To achieve best result start dabbing epoxy in the centre of your object, no harsh circular motions. Just add dab by dab until the whole object is filled evenly.

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  17. 3:36 …to share your crappy ideas?

  18. this is great, because in a couple months I’m going to steamcon III

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  22. What happens if you get epoxy on your fingers?

  23. All your videos are magical ! Thank you for all these tips on making metal jewelry :)

  24. oh and do u hav that octopus charm at 9.30 in ur shop?

  25. hi i lov ur vids but u never really do a proper tutorial which annoys me and i just wanted u to kno

  26. hello you girls are great and your cat is a sweetie. do you sell your stuff ? if you do where do i go to buy some of this stuff. thanks pam

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  28. Your tutorials are EXCELLENT!! Inspiring, instructive, and encouraging for those of us who are new to jewelry making. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent with us.

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    LOOOVE! ♥

  30. God I just found your vids today, I really like them, really inspiring, I think I’m going to a scrapshop to get some small cogs, gyros, little thinks to make jewelery, I’m from Belgium so ordering stuff from you site isn’t the best deal, shipping cost kill everything ;P well, keep up the good work and keep inspiring people ^^

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