How to Make Steampunk Earrings

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Steampunk style is where technology and romance collide in a fantasy fashion world, and now you can harness that edgy energy in your own jewelry creations. Learn how to make steampunk earrings inspired by this fictitious fad with this free jewelry making video. These earrings use charms that look like the gears of a machine to get that perfectly steampunk aesthetic. If you prefer the written instructions, you can view the full tutorial at There you’ll find this and other free jewelry making patterns, from the everyday to the fantastical!
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A Man, A Bike and A Steam Powered Robot. A animated short by Gavin McCarthy. Copywright
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  1. I agree with your feelings about the term “Steam-punk”, not as refined a word as one might hope for such a genre.

  2. Wow…sensational……simply love the feel, texture and sentiment…….great work!!!

  3. Woah! this is awesome!!

  4. Not counting what others have said I understand the style you were aiming for great job. Not to many people know what the orginal cartoons were like. Steamboat Willy was great at the time and you have done a good job of capturing the spirit of the past while adding a good Steam-Works theme. I hate the sound of steam”punk” it sullies the Victorian spirit.

  5. Well I did it in a weekend with no budget or crew… so thanks I guess. Let me know when you have some stuff to show. 3D is for 3D, this was about animating traditional mediums.

    But thanks for the input none-the-less.

  6. Thanks man. Happy you like it. I’m thinking of doing some more in the same style.

  7. I have been looking all around YouTube for unique animation and this is awesome! It reminds me of Steam punk. I wish this could be a tv show.

  8. yes

  9. Not so magnificent… although better than i could do right now, it still needs work. If its a beginners work, good job, keep up the progress, but try adding in some 3d rendering and break out of just using two programs. Or at least use their abilities a little better. add a background some atmosphere and sound or better use of the silent film style, and you’ll have a winner. :)

  10. the music was amazing

    matched it perfect too

    it is so simple yet filling
    good work

  11. That was nice of the machine to finish that guy’s bike.

  12. yeah, that’s just what you wanted to hear, right? One of my 2 videos was compressed into crappy resolution AND it’s been sped-up.

  13. That’s the price we pay in file compression for YouTube’s fast streaming abilities. Our world has grown to want things faster, not better. Anyone who has ever indulged in fast food will agree to this.

    But thanks anyway.

  14. Awful video resolution!

  15. Very wonderful work Gavin. :)

    At first I thought the big machine was very mean but then it turned out to be very nice. Although before ruining the very thing it was about to replace he had to show off how “endowed” it was. Hmmmn… What does it all mean… Barbie was wrong, Art is harder than Math.

  16. cool
    i like your graphic style
    (and silent films rule!)

  17. hah that was cool

  18. Love it! Big fan of your stuff… Love your website as well ;)

  19. Thanks!

  20. Boss

  21. Nope, it happened during youtube’s compression. I will be putting a Hi-Res on my site soon. I’ll post here when it is up.

  22. Was it suposed to be that low quality?