How to Make Steam Punk Gloves, Threadbanger

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Today, we get a special tutorial from forum member AuskaNova on making steam punk gloves! Don’t forget to tune in on Friday for tips on getting your whole steam punk look together! *Thanks to BusterKeaton27 for the animation intro!
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all in the family style threshold noun1. the starting point for a new state or experience; “on the threshold of personhood ” 2. the smallest detectable sensation 3. the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; “he stuck his head in the doorway” 4. the sill of a door; a horizontal piece of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway and offers support when passing through a doorway 5. a region marking a boundary video by daflew & NAT music by solovox
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. The stupid music was too loud. I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

  2. Appreciate the how to. Btw, I’m pretty sure any trouble the trolls are having hearing is a combination of her head being down as she works, the mic she’s using and whatever crap speakers they have.

  3. This person is willing to show you how to do something. They took the time to record this for you. So perhaps try and be a little more respectful with your comments, You came hear to learn to do something…
    So if you truly want to observe how things are done, maybe you all need to bitch a little less.

  4. omg talk clearly ! go learn to speak like a human not a moaninh groaning irritating chduiqhisheuxhhuoasodkwjwsi ……:/ hahah

  5. Good idea, horrible video. Maybe someone could overdub a person’s voice that knows how to speak properly, and not whine like a five year old.

  6. “vote up” (since i can’t do that)

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this helpful video.

  8. I could understand just fine..O_o

  9. WTF is she saying? it sounds like this “whine frumble whine whine moan sigh grumble gloves grumble whine sigh” XD

  10. oooh steampunk friend!

  11. neither can i!!!!!!!!!

  12. The triangle she makes is 8 inches across the bottom and 6 inches to the top. Put a grommet on both lower corners, thats to hook around your writst. Split the triangle up, probably around 4 inches and put grommets on both sides to lace up the back of your hand. Use a scrap piece that fits around your middle finger to put at the top of the triangle. You can grommet that to make the loop or sew it. :)

  13. Those who can not understand what she is saying need to get their ears checked. Yes she mumbles a little but she is understandable

  14. I’ll try

  15. could u please copy it down for us?

  16. most ridiculous and impractical sub-culture ever. they have to be the only people who take technology and make it more difficult to use.

  17. thrift shops and welding goggles, make it yourself^^

  18. Damn that looks HOT!! i wanna dress up like this but the online stores that sell the goggles and clothes are expensive ass hell… 

  19. I love this style, I will be starting to sew my own clothes to build my wardrobe. I have seen some pretty great stuff online and in person and I adore it!

  20. this style looks pretty fucking down!… but i cant pull it off… im more like a street/hardcore punk!

  21. I think you might have doubled up here, i’ve just clicked here from an identical video, minus the steam engine.

  22. Loving the vid and the dresses..
    about the music whats the title of the solovox track?
    I need it!!!!
    (i am a dancer….)

  23. and the people who call u that are all probably wearing the same tracksuits as each other, no imagination, they smoke the same drink the same all hav the same STIs people like you are pioneers, they probably think theyre all individuals and thinking theyre different, you KNOW your different

  24. I consider myself punk/psychobilly but I adore steampunk to no end.

  25. I find this so fascinating. I became interesting in this fashion when I saw a pic of these three guys dressed in steampunk for the San Diego Comic Con this year. Their outfits were amazing!

    How do you find these clothes? Are they hard to find or put together?

  26. how to best describe steam punk: take technology equal to or more advanced than what we have today and and put it in the middle of Victorian high society. Think of how they would incorporate that into their current society.  Victorian era people are not going to have objects around them comprised of plastics or the like. They would use brass, leather, glass. Steam punk is not the ideals or actual society of the time that rather mimicry of construction methods and styling.

  27. punk was originally used to describe the punk movement which was a counterculture that frequently clashed with traditional assumptions of modern life and ideals. Steam punk also clashes with modern culture however the name was mostly picked because it sounded cool. In other words it’s not really related to punk at all other than being a counterculture.
    If anyone can explain this better then go ahead and try, you probably can.

  28. love it, i myself am goth but man do i love the sp style.

  29. Awesome!

    Time to party like it’s 1899 ^ – ^

  30. punk, originally [before it became what it is now...] simply meant being yourself, and punk style was anything that you liked, without much regard for whether or not it’s in style or not. so SteamPunk would naturally mean people who wear what they want, and that what they want happens to be from 100 years ago..

  31. white people…

  32. i think it’s punk cause of being unregular