How To Make a Steampunk Diving Helmet

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How To Make a Steampunk Diving Helmet

Jumping back to my contributions to my friend Daniel Lenneer’s film “Vågbrytare” (“Wavebreaker”) I thought it could be interesting to chronicle the transformation of a plastic terrestrial globe into a steampunk diver’s helmet. Danny wanted a classical surface supplied diver, or “hooka diver”, for his underwater epic. This meant either buying, borrowing or making a big, clunky diving helmer. The two first options quickly went out the window, which meant it was up to me to construct a fake version. All of the underwater footage was to be shot against a greenscreen, so the helmet just had to look good enough. More about “Vågbrytare” on Danny’s channel:



  1. You’re very welcome! If you have any questions about this process, just drop me a message in my inbox.

  2. man I love it!!!! I wanna make one….JUSt what I have been looking for> thanks so much for sharing brother

  3. A Big Daddy helmet should be bigger than this one, right? If I were to build a Big Daddy helmet I probably couldn’t make it bigger than the usual earth globe. That’s the first problem. The second problem is the shipping cost, which I think could be as big as $80-100! I live in Sweden, and for some reason it’s insanely expensive to send big packages to the US. My fee for building the helmet would be $250. If you haven’t fainted from shock, send a message to my inbox, and we’ll talk further :) 

  4. Is there any way at all can commission you to build one for me. need for Halloween want to be a big daddy when I pickup copy of bio shock infinite. how much would it be.

  5. what is the diameter of the earth? please

  6. Those helmets are incredibly expensive, even newly manufactured ones. That’s why we had to build a cheap fake one. In our case it only had too look sort-of real and not be functional at all. It sounds like you have quite a project ahead of you, but a fun one! I wish you the best of luck, and I’m very happy if I inspired you.

  7. Thanks!!

  8. Brilliant!

  9. Thanks!!

  10. When I had gathered all the stuff I needed to build the helmet, it probably took four days to put it together. I made an Ultracal 30 plaster mould over my clay sculpture. I removed the clay from the mould, and poured latex into it. I reinforced the latex skin with cotton dipped in more latex, which created a stronger, leathery feel.

  11. How long did it take? And how did you cast the clay into latex.

  12. Thanks! I’m so glad if I manage to inspire others to build their own stuff. But it looks like you’re already on your way with your own costumes :)

  13. That is really cool! After having this video I did with my Big Sister costume I thought about making more steampunk style costumes for any kind of convention events.

  14. The largest one I could find, which is, I think, the standard size. Don’t know the exact measurements, but you have to be able to turn your head around inside of it.

  15. what size of globe did you use

  16. I would happily buy one btw.

  17. Sorry; This helmet was put together using found junk that I could get my hands on at this time. I guess that it would be possible to find similar stuff, but I think it would take too much work to create a whole bunch of helmets.

  18. Can you just sell these?

  19. fago-deluxe

  20.  So sorry for my late reply :( The suit and the rest of the diver’s gear was put together by my friend Daniel Lenneer. I think he got his hands on some old stuff from the Swedish military. I know he didn’t really have to change that much, just put the different parts together (belt, gloves and stuff).