How to make a small easy telescope

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This is a tutorial on how to make a small refractor telescope using lenses. I show the basics of making the telescope and I also explain how to select the lenses and what types of lenses to use. I show you how to find the focal length of a lens. Lots more projects on my website: Lots of telescope stuff on my other website You can see the tutorial with the lenses here About My Channel: I have hundreds of videos covering all kinds of creative projects. I put out two new videos every week and if you want to stay updated you can subcribe to my channel here: If you particularly like telescope videos you can check out my telescope playlist here:



  1. Yes, the link is in the description of this vid.

  2. Do you have any pages that i can buy the materials?

  3. You looks pretty easy is it I want to know?
    Thank you,
    Mary Spence

  4. Hello Mr epicfantasy, u have use the convex lens so it will make a inverted image, so hw 2 solve the problem of inverted image through the telescope…
    plzzzz tel me :-)

  5. hi i have a school project on ths
    i want to know what focal lengths should be used ?
    i have one convex lens of f=32 cm
    (i checked like u taught in yr vid):)
    i e to buy the other what focal length lens should i buy???

  6. I have change the lens smaller,a half than objective lens is 6 cm diameter.The objective lens is 10 cm,But the magnifier is not good.If you give me a solution I will use My home made Telescope for survey than i buy a Telescope Land and sky Telescope that the price is US $ 40 here in Bali.If i made it cost is only US $ 15.

  7. Hello Mr Epic Fantasy,one more my question,How to increase the power magnifier?My telescope magnifier now is about 5x,how to increase become 10 x? is the eyepiece lens have be made smaller? Thank you.

  8. can you send this video on my email

  9. i have to download this video .

  10. The length of the tube depends on the focal length of the lenses. The telescope has to be able to slide, so you can focus it

  11. Hello Mr epicfantasy,I use two lens double convex with 9 cm diameter,and the telescope made by PVC pipe about 90 cm length,is it right?

  12. great question and good thinking. Yes it is!

  13. Is a magnifying glass a double convex ??

  14. and how to connect a telescope home made with web cam?why the picture is blur??

  15. i have made one,i use one big lense on objective and one small one on eyepiece lens,why the pictures is reverse?Thank you.

  16. What is the difference between magnifying glass , objective lens and eyepiece lens.Can You Tell Me ?