How to Make a Name Stamped Mother’s Necklace

Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Videos | 3 comments – In this Beadaholique video, Andrea shows us how to make a name stamped mother’s necklace using several types of metals and tools. Designer: Andrea Morici How to Use Alphabet Punch Sets for Stamping How to Dap Metal for Jewelry How to Make Wrapped Wire Loops can find the supplies in this video at Beadsmith Jeweller’s Micro Pliers Chain Nose Flat Nose SKU: XTL-5511 Xuron Jeweler’s Super Fine Pliers Chain Nose Flat Nose SKU: XTL-5450 Xuron Sharp Flush Cutter Pliers SKU: XTL-5600 Beadsmith Jewelry Fine Round Nose Micro Pliers SKU: XTL-5514 Rubber Bench Block 4 x 4 Inches – Base for Steel Block SKU: XTL-0254 Solid Metal Bench Block SKU: XTL-6092 Eurotool Hammer Brass Hammer For Metal Smithing – 1 Pound SKU: XTL-0248 Eurotool Metalwork Deluxe 7 Hole Wood Block With Steel Block SKU: XTL-0270 Domed Wooden Dapping Shaping Forms in Assorted Sizes for Metal SKU: XTL-0259 27 Piece Uppercase Handwritten Alphabet Letters AZ Punch Set For Metal 2mm SKU: XTL-0752 Gunmetal Steel Textured Cable Chain 2.3mm Bulk By The Foot SKU: CHA-9652 Antiqued Brass Stamping Steampunk Full Gear Cog Wheel Medium 19mm SKU: PND-5864 Antiqued Silver Plated Blank Stamping
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  1. Gotcha! Thank you for the speedy reply! I subscribed!

  2. A steel bench block or an anvil are necessary for metal stamping. A wood block would have too much give when struck with the hammer. The give would allow the stamping blank to move away from the hammer slightly and would result in a less clear stamping. The metal keeps the blank in place, ensuring a hard hit and a clear image.

  3. Is it absolutely necessary to use a steel block? Can it be wood? Or is there any other kind of alternative? Thanks!