How to make a Mini Top Hat

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How to make a Mini Top Hat

Fleece Fun ( presents How to make a Mini top hat. Angel Walks you through step by step how to make this cute and chic top hat. Whether you’re into Steampunk, Burlesque or classic Victorian this Mini Top Hat is the crowning piece to your costume. Make the perfect mini top hat in the perfect size that you want. This tutorial features the “no sew” option. Get the free .pdf and see written instructions here – http

Steampunk 'Inspired' Makeup Tutorial and Costume -- Halloween

♥ Please open here for more information ♥ This is an ‘Inspired’ look, I do not intend for one minute to say that this is ‘Steampunk’ as I know a lot of people put heaps of effort and work into their costumes for Steampunk. It’s a look I really love and admire. This is just for fun for a quick easy dress up, theme party or Halloween on a budget. I did this look without sticking stuff to my face because I know a lot of people have breakouts and stuff and we don’t really want to irritate our skin too much so a little makeup is better than eyelash glue and other stuff. You can always stick real stuff to your face if you want to for a short time like little nuts and bolts. Steampunk makeup varies a lot and sometimes has a ‘dirty’ appearance, some like dark makeup with dark lips and others go for a more ‘bare’ look so I went for darker eyes with a little interest in that area. To see how I made my hat and put my costume together, please see my blog – Products Used: Candyeyed Eyeshadow Helper — Limecrime – 28 Neutral Pallet — Inglot Body Sparkles — No 65 – IMATS NYX Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment — Mimosa INAZ Cosmetics Pigment — Pot ‘o Gold – NYX Glitter Eyeliner – Champagne – Inglot Gel Liner Matte – 55 – IMATS Black Eyeliner Pencil — Estee Lauder Mascara — Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes – LustHaveIt Inglot Blush – IMATS Lipstick — Gosh — Swing – Ebay Lipgloss — Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift



  1. You’re welcome! It took several tries for me to figure it out. Glad that the video and pattern worked for you.

  2. This video was awesome and really helped me a lot. For a long ass time I thought that making those adorable little hats was super complicated and this really answered all my questions! The printable templates were very helpful too, thanks so much!

  3. perfect. i am going to try this!

  4. Ribbons, lace, tulle, really pretty BUTTONS, trinkets, chopsticks if you can find a creative way to make them fit… Old/obsolete/broken computer chips. Glue on ANYTHING pretty!
    Also, you could probably get away with using a hot glue gun on the ‘spray adhesive’ part, so long’s it’s a thin-ish layer, and you’re careful not to burn yourself.
    Good luck, everyone!

  5. guys u never comment but u like for some reason

  6. Ahh so pretty ^^ I love your accent as well.

  7. U remind me of “Jackie” from, “That ’70s Show”! o: If you don’t know her: It’s Mila Kunis when she was younger! :)

  8. WOW so pretty!Love the look,working on similar stuff myself.. :)

  9. omg you have the biggest most beautiful eyes i have ever seen!!!

  10. The makeup for the lids is perfect for my
    character in theater!!

  11. Hey. What make-up brand, and if you know, what ‘kit’ ‘set’ or whatever it’s termed, did you use? I think it would be simpler to buy it as a whole versus individual components as I don’t have much money to work with or much experience with make-up in general, so I feel this would be very helpful to know, especially considering make-up tends to vary in quality and texture from brand to brand and I basically have no idea what I am doing when purchasing make-up. Thanks!

  12. this is my favorite video of yours

  13. @hannahkf3 I was thinking the same thing. I clicked on this video hoping someone would say Panic! At The Disco The Ballad Of Mona Lisa.(: I want that hat now! ^-^


  15. hahahahahaha i think steampunk is so groovy :D hahaha
    ~ Cassie

  16. hahahah my eyes are naturally like that :)
    ~ Cassie

  17. amazing cassie!

  18. If you put technology and leather in a blender your not going to get steampunk, your going to get a broken blender.

  19. Are those contacts are are your eyes naturally big? <3

  20. I TOTALLY DIDN’T SEE YOU UPLOAD THIS. I freaking love you sooo much more now! I always thought Steampunk was too nerdy for well anyone to do tutorials on. Thank you so much!