How To Make a Giant Octopus

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Videos | 19 comments

This is a little chronicle of my puppet contributions to my friend Daniel Lennéer’s film Vågbrytare (Wavebreaker). Check out Danny’s channel: I also built the model Nautilus sub, a steampunk diver’s helmet and some weird underwater plants/animals.



  1. And now you know how you can make one of your own :) 

  2. Holy crap I want one so bad. Even better, a squid version.

  3. Wierd man

  4. Yep!!


  6. Thanks! I hope it’s inspiring. :)

  7. Very cool!

  8. Thanx!
    I’ll try something similar as sfx for Bodypainting :)

  9. Yes, I used liquid latex as a glue, and that usually creates good seams. Then, when the paint goes on, all seams are obscured.

  10. A really great puppet :)
    How did you put the skin- and suction cup -pieces together? Did you just latex them onto the armature? I’m asking because I didn’t see any seams ;)

  11. Please check your inbox!! Many thanks :)

  12. That pretty much sums it up, except that Cameron declined to get involved.

  13. The story as I understand it: A giant octopus looks inside and sees a great actor 4:51 ,
    the octopus wants a autograph but the actor wants to kill him, so the octopus attacks then Jesus comes to save them 5:04 and some other guys appear and the cyclops from spongebob movie comes at 5:16 then the angry octopus kills the great actor THE END… 5 stars, did Cameron direct?

  14. You mean the octopus model? Well, the one I built here I’d rather keep, and besides, it’s getting a bit worn. But I could make a new one. I still have the plaster moulds for casting skin, suction cups and the head.

  15. Can I buy this from you? Or one like it? Please let me know!

  16. great fx

  17. It seems nobody like the acting effort in this one! It’s a film made by a friend of mine, and he doesn’t mind a bit of over-the-top acting. I just supplied the animation underwater sequences and didn’t meddle with his direction. It’s difficult getting good amateur actors, but I try my best finding good enough talent for my own projects.

  18. Awesome! It’s just a shame the acting in the end product was awful. Your octopus is astounding though! Great job.

  19. awesome… thanks for sharing !