How To give something a Steampunk Paint Job

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 17 comments

In this Video I go over my method for giving anything a steam punk paint job
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  1. Enjoyed it my friend! You sir are genious.

  2. What kind of ink?

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  6. killer video


  8. This is pretty badass

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  10. That has to be one of the best pieces of advice YouTube has ever granted the world.

  11. These are very cool! Thanks for sharing!! I made OOAK treasure finds and design them too. My favorite is candle sticks (brass).! Keep up the great works!! Blessings ~Gypsie

  12. Awsome, thanks man! I’m just starting to get into steampunk mods, wish me luck that I will actually get into it haha XD this is super helpful though, now to start adding rivets, leather, copper doodads and bulbs to things! haha….eek…I got my work cut out for me lol.

  13. great vid and you are sexy

  14. That’s really cool and I would have never thought to do it that way.

    ….oh Bob Ross

  15. what kind of ink? indian ink? alcohol based?

  16. lol bob ross joke

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