How to Draw Steampunk Characters

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

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  1. Dear god I hope I do sound like that. lol XD Awesome drawing as always Mark. :3

  2. A hem is the bottom cuff of the jeans, the seam is the proper term, a seam is where the two pieces of fabric are sewn together c:

  3. haha i just bought a prismacolor pencil today at my local art/craft shop and when i bought it, all i could think was: “Mark Crilley, the man who single-handedly [Literally!] quadrupled prismacolor’s profit margin” and i happen to come home and watch the only video where he mentions not getting paid by that company XD

  4. culd you make a tutorial on magical characters?

  5. anyone notice the belt wont work?

  6. Yes, that is a corset and the ‘seams’ down the front are for the boning that makes it hold its (and your) shape and accentuate your figure.

  7. you normally slide something over the tab on the shoulder

  8. He drew a steampunk version of the maverick!

  9. Found Prismacolor Black on Amazon. In the “People who bought this also bought” I found Mastering Manga. So gonna pick up both :D

  10. Actually, that strap isn’t just for generals. It’s for everyone’s rank.

  11. OOOH! YESH! Markbuscus! :D

  12. your becoming toby,but artistic version >.< x3

  13. I would love to see a watercolor tutorial! ^o^

  14. Just got the the how to draw book Its Great mark ! I ve been drawing since I was 3 and this book was a big help !!! Your the best!

  15. I must give you an official certificate of Baddassery for that epic gun.

  16. Go full screen around 12 minutes in. The squiggles off the building to the left look like a stick figure falling out a window, XD

  17. Anyone else realize the gun looks a LOT like the nerf maverick?

  18. Epaulettes. They hold the fabric rank displays on the shoulder. o:

  19. They are called epulets.

  20. your videos are very helpful and you should be a voice actor lol

  21. yes you would be right it is a corset btw on the side of them loving toads brass they love any type of gears they can get theirs hands on and well if it’s a metal section in home depot they are there

  22. they have it because its where your ranking stars going to see how high up you are I think

  23. Do any of you know how to make that choker type thing around her neck? It is AWESOME! I would love to make one, if not i would like buy one! please tell me! :) p.s Mark Crilley, you are awesome! I love your video’s!