how to draw soldier pyro gasmask dude Digital painting tutorial

Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Videos | 19 comments For more info, drawing, and step by step Premium digital speed painting tutorials Digital Painting tutorial Speedpainting gas-mask soldier dude. Learn how to draw speed painting concept visual design studying thumbnail, sketch and shading of a…
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  1. This may sound stupid but i don’t understand your comment.

  2. Seems like you play TF2 too much dude ^^

  3. First, go watch more videos on my channel. I will send you some useful articles also.

  4. Sorry for highly asked questions ,but there are few things that i cant understand:
    First one is – how you making your layer compostition? its stand like : sketch, main values, BCG -> color ,and other things ; or something like that?
    And a second one is – how do you save the composition details in your head? You are making some sketches , or first you make not so detalised picture?

    And ,huh, thanks for everithing you are doing for your fans , by the way….like you and your masterpieces=З

  5. omg yur amazing… :O

  6. oh and please draw a psycho (borderlands)
    And this looks like Boom and bewm sorta

  7. Your “quick scribble” looks better than my good art

  8. I wish I could. lol

  9. Those pants are sick :D you should be a fashion designer ;)

  10. Wacom Intuo

  11. What kind of tablet do you use?

  12. LOL, totally. thx ;-)

  13. what kind of brush did you use?????
    just kidding.. i like your videos, keep it up!!

  14. Hahah, glad I’m not the only one who reacted to that. Oh, the pictures in my head!

  15. A few.

  16. @idrawgirls

    how many layers did you work with?

  17. paint over.

  18. do you erase unnecessary lines on the outline drawing?

  19. 这不是一个解剖视频