How to Draw Hats, 2 Different Ways

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  1. cool

  2. Love the top hat guy, his face kinda reminds me of orochimaru from Naruto lol

  3. hahahaha that was a good drawing but you should see how i do it

  4. Can you do a tutorial on how to draw hair that splits in the middle? Like Italy from Hetalia… Please and thank you.

  5. can you draw a picture of a full body suit and also please can you draw football players all in manga i want to try and make a comic and i want to try to get some tips thank you

  6. Could you do a video of a typical teenage girl please btw i LOVE your video’s you’ve helped me improve my drawings so much :)

  7. Nope, totally do not hit unsuscribe just to suscribe over and over again. .-.

  8. I like being a surfer…

  9. those are the most awesome victorian-style characters i’ve ever seen

  10. do a vieo of how to draw animals

  11. Could you draw a full body tux? ~ Thank you!

  12. Mario Forever!!!

  13. Flat billed caps

  14. that top hat looks like a bowler cap right now lol :3

  15. Aaaaayuuuu!!!!!!! from UltraManiac

  16. I LOVE UR DRAWINGS!!! :3 hee hee!

  17. doot doot doot doo doo doo doo dee dee dii diii dii diidiiei heh mario!

  18. Binocular parts-lenses

  19. The girl on the left looks like Nagihiko/Nadeshiko from Shugo Chara.

  20. what’s the name of that pencil you use for finalizing your drawings?? OvO

  21. A small part of me was saddened by the sight of the watches used, but otherwise amazing work.

  22. How did you do this! I’d love to know! Cuz I want to make one for my sister for her birthday!

  23. does anyone know if the parts move or are the fixed into place

  24. thx!

  25. I see what you mean, but these watch movements would otherwise be landfill, so its nice to be able to give them a new flourish of life and be able to show off the craftmanship :)

  26. The font is “Trinigan” x

  27. Definitely, I love the fact that Steampunk Jewelry saves works of craftmanship from ending up as landfill and they have a brand new lease of life :)

  28. Thanks :) 

  29. Recycling with art!! good, good, good!!

  30. Wonderful. I love your creations

  31. The one at 0:52 is STUNNING! I love the blue jewels glimmer with the tarnished metal balancing it out so perfectly.

    (And I agree with midnight,I’d love to know what the music is called?)