How to do Visual Kei / Anime hair || Aleister Drahulia

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for the goggles search on eBay “aviator goggles” or “steampunk goggles” ;) Song: The GazettE – The Social Riot Machines fb: Aleister Hýbris Drahulia
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



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  21. can u make it for pc 2?

  22. re-install your tablet until you get the pen pressure. I am not a tech guy, you might have to google what your problem is. I just paint.

  23. 3:46 how do you make that? I can’t really do that pen pressure. there is a triangle beside the ‘Control:’ with an exclamation mark when I choose the pen pressure

  24. hey how do you cange the size of the brush? 2:49

  25. :) Custom brushes make life easier hehe

  26. experiment.

  27. when your makeing te brush is there a certaint way that you do it in order to make the brush memic something or is it takeing shots in the dark and getting lucky

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  30. “Ctrl + T” ?

  31. how do you that thing whit making the picture bigger whit square on 1.30