How to Cure Boredom

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Videos | 22 comments

You can watch the original, uncut Planet Earth all Earth Day Weekend (April 21st and 22nd) on BBC American. Probably should remember to eat and sleep and stuff at some point in there, too, though. Donate to if you’d like. Only a few days left! Wheezy elsewhere: iPhone app: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Wiki Google+ Apparel: Shoes: Thanks for the wink:



  1. stupid

  2. You kind of remind me/look like Micheal from VSauce…He has a longer beard though. Okay… I’m SORRY!! Please don’t hurt me…

  3. Wait, then where was he?

  4. I liked the part when he says “mnuagh”.

  5. Hahaha. So funny.

  6. Its a real channel. Its the BBC channel… in America. It plays British shows. What don’t you get? I’m sure a lot of people get that it stands for British.

  7. Still bored, yo.

  8. Paper Towns!

  9. What? BBC America? Do you even know what BBC stands for? British Broadcasting Cooperation. BRITISH being the keyword here, people.
    I’m British by the way. :-) .

  10. paper fucking towns(paper towns no fucking well a little fucking) i just finished it! yay

  11. Gee, it sure is boooooring around here…

  12. need help with boredom? EXPLOSION, there now you’re dead, but at least you’re not bored

  13. From that intro I would think you could win Supernote by yourself!!

  14. This is my fave WW video

  15. BBC BBC BBC!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Meeehh.

  17. Supernote 2012!!!!

  18. how to cure boredom, watch wheezy waiter

  19. Why does Craig seem like he has no friends when he is so funny?

  20. Why isn’t “Muehhuehh” in your iTunes list?

  21. so every emo in the world is obsessively bored!

  22. superkalifragilistikexpialigetisch