How to Catch a Unicorn – eHal

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How to catch and slaughter a unicorn for meat. Catch Hal on Facebook: Now you can have Blame Society as a Facebook App! Special effects by FigureItOut Productions
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I was in need of a tablet stand but I didn’t want to just go out and buy one, so I made one. I created a Steampunk Tablet Stand…well a little more than just a tablet stand, it is also a lamp. I built the lamp into it so I can also use it as a Steampunk book stand or a Steampunk desk lamp. For more projects visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. dont do that its mean son of a bitch asshole i love unicorns HOW DARE YOU
    ! i hate you YOU MADE ME CRY!

  2. xxxxx

  3. I have seen gorillas with guns, hell, aliens and other strange things on youtube, and this is I think the only thing that make me ask: Where am i?

  4. You need a fire extinguisher and a shoe of unicorn skin

  5. 2:20 min advertisement for a 1:20 min video? Damn it, Google. Damn it.

  6. I try to use that line when ever I can no matter the circumstances.

  7. eHow do I ask hal a question?

  8. At most Walmarts, I’d assume

  9. english is fucked up

  10. It’s just like hour, you say AN hour, but it starts with a consonant. You say A unicorn even though it starts with a vowel.

  11. How catch AN unicorn*

  12. Looks like someone looks a bit “horny”

  13. I’m pretty sure unicorn glue is only effective on unicorns

  14. what if a different animal gets stuck in the glue??

  15. where can i find unicorn glue?

  16. never play leapfrog with a unicorn..

  17. holy shit!! it worked!!

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  19. soooooooo cool!!

  20. well done, gotta love all that copper. Please make more.