How to Buy a Carpet Steam Cleaner

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A number of people I know, including my mother has bought a carpet steam cleaner. After seeing them in action and the end results, I have decided to finally buy myself one. At first I had no idea what to look for but thanks to friends and family, I have received the best tips that landed me my sturdy carpet cleaner. So, how does one buy a steam cleaner in the first place?

Speaking from experience, I was first told to research a model I thought was good for me. My basic concerns were price and quality and so should yours be too. I looked me up a couple of models that were in my price range and read reviews about them. To narrow my search, I read articles and forums solely about these products. I found out that some carpet steam cleaners can also clean upholstered furniture, vehicle interiors and even non-carpeted surfaces too. Very handy indeed, make sure that the one you get offer these functions because not all carpet steam cleaners do.

Look the tank over because some have a 2 in 1 tank which holds both clean and dirty water while other units only have one.

The size of the tank also matters because smaller tanks mean more time re-filling while larger tanks will mean less but will be on the heavier side. The boiler is also very important. I suggest buying one in stainless steel as aluminum boilers are less heavy duty and more likely to need replacement. As any other machinery, you always check for the warranty. As it varies with every product, make sure that yours will last years as people do not use carpet cleaners as frequently as other devices. It will be more expensive but at least you will be looked after. Also keep your house in mind. If you are buying for personal use, make it a point to adjust to the amount of carpentry and upholstered furniture you have.

If for more industrial reasons like you need one for your start up business, you can avail one that equipped with larger tanks that is more suitable.

There is also a portable carpet steam cleaner available. If you have extra cash, I recommend you also purchase one. I bought mine the same time I bought the standard sized one. It’s good for cars and travel. If you are still unsure of buying one, you can give it a trial go by renting one first. Located at malls, depots and groceries, these stalls lease out steam cleaners, some for a day but if you have a larger space that needs cleaning, you can probably have it in your care for 2 to 3 days (for a fee of course.) I hope these tips answer your How to Buy Carpet Steam Cleaners inquiry. You have many options so don’t just limit yourself to buying on the spot.

Take your time and for sure you will be happy with the decision you have made.

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