How to bustle a gown

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Videos | 14 comments

How to bustle a gown

Monica Gill of The White Box of Wedding Design demonstrates three basic gown bustles



  1. omg ive been looking for how to do the french bustle, thank you sooo much. i need it to make some renaissance dresses for a cosplay

  2. omg ive been looking for how to do the french bustle, thank you sooo much. i need it to make some renaissance dresses for a cosplay

  3. Hello! Thanks for watching. I would recommend strategically sewing in a hook and “eye” (sewn-in loop) or ribbons/ties. The number you will need depends on the weight and type of fabric you’re working with. Since a wedding gown will very possibly require more than a few, you may want to consider color-coordinating the ribbons or hook-eye pairs.

    If worse comes to worst, know that I have used a few large safety pins in a pinch after torn bustles, but I don’t recommend it.

  4. My questions is in the video you used to pins to pin up the dress what would I use? I am trying to pin up my wedding dress and I want to use the second one that you did because my train has a design on it and I want to show it. I just was curious what I should use to hold it up

  5. Hello! Thank you for watching. Unfortunately, I am not a seamstress, and I wouldn’t have a clue how to help you; my bustling experience comes from time spent with brides on their wedding days. You might take a look at the channels of some of the others who have commented on this video, as it seems that many of them have sewing experience. Good luck!

  6. Hi. I have a piece of fabric and I want to sew a steampunk style bustle skirt long or short depending on how much the material will permit. I don’t intend to wear anything else under it so I wish you can help me out how to modify the basic pattern. How do I start? What type of skirt should I sew first before bustling the gown? Thanks

  7. exactly what i was looking for! thank you miss!

  8. Thank you! I’ve been trying to work out how to ‘bustle’ my friend’s wedding dress for her and your several different ways has made it seem so easy. Thank you so much. Good luck with this!

  9. Bustle bustle bustle bustle bustle bustle bustle!! It’s not even a word anymore!

  10. Theoretically you could just pin it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The bustle isn’t sewn in; rather, tiny loops and hooks, buttons, or ribbons are strategically sewn into the folds of the gown so that it may be bustled as needed.

  11. Hello! My experience is quite limited in this area, but a seamstress should be able to recommend an appropriate bustle specific to your dress.

  12. Can you recommend a bustle for a specific dress? My wedding down is complicated at the skirt, lol

  13. Is a bustle just a way to pin the dress? or is there actual sewing involved? Thanks

  14. It’s brilliant. I’m going to use them to adorn a couple of gothic skirts I have that I need to revamp for whitby