How to build a steamtech machine pistol

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How to build a steamtech machine pistol

Find out more at As seen at SFX Weekender, the It’s A Trap prop team is back with another how-to, this time taking a look at the steamtech machine pistol created for the upcoming Arms Race web series.

Some more things that we saw around Les Machines De L’ile. Music: Papa loves Mambo, Night and Day You may see at the end a thank you to Brass Goggles, please visit the website
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  1. Nice idea. I used the stick magazine for this version as I like the visibility of the bullets and using the electrical terminals allowed me to slot the bullets (plugs) in an out. I didn’t do it during filming due to time but this would have allowed me to remove the bullets as the gun was fired, to show the magazine emptying.

  2. When I make mine I’m gunna use a small butter container as a drum magazine

  3. the gun is very danger!!!!hahahah…

  4. I got it from a art/craft store.  Go to and search for drill (Should be the first item on the list). I think they are available in most large Arts and crafts stores.

  5. what type of drill is that I can’t find any like it.

  6. Great! Wish I could see you doing the colouring, though.

  7. Yeah I saw that build too. Also amazing.
    They would go well together on one character in my opinion.

    Can’t wait to see them in your upcoming films!

  8. Have you seen the Sub Machine Gun prop build video on our channel? Its a bigger and slightly different version of the machine pistol. Yes we are filming a Steampunk mini series in May to carry on from ‘Arms Race’ the short we shot in 2010. These props and some others will be used in the series.

  9. This time I used small bobble eyes used for making the eyes on childrens stuffed toys. These are half spheres so produce nice rounded heads for the rivits.