Home Made Steampunk Shotgun

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This is a Steampunk Shotgun I made a while back. Those side-plates and rivets are real brass, the barrels are PVC. The buttstock and frame is all one piece of wood. The sling is leather. And those rounds on the sling are all wood to save on weight. This one-of-a-kind Steampunk Shotgun is FOR SALE!!! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!

This is a “How to video” on making a Nerf steamPunk Maverick. This Maverick has an AR & paint mod, but the video is only showing the paint mod. You would need to search for Nerf Maverick air restricter mod videos that other people have made. Check out my blog at keithsbutler.blogspot.com Check out my other videos on this channel



  1. but if the obviously very talented maker of this video was to make a working one he would have to get a brass that is perfect to take the impact of the shell otherwise he would run the risk of it exploding. also to make it as real to the prop as he could he would have to use a larger shot shell like an 8 gauge to make the characteristics more similar. which would put a lot of pressure on that receiver.

  2. first of all there was a major reason they stopped building weapons out of brass. the proportions of copper and zinc had to be perfect for the weapons to fire or they would explode they would test them with four times the normal charge to see if they would blow up or not. this weapon has a brass receiver (there is wood underneath as it is a prop).

  3. Nice

  4. Yes.

  5. do you want me to go into detail on why that would be extremely unsafe?

  6. But will it blend ?

  7. No.

  8. are you mad?

  9. That looks awesome. You should make a working one.

  10. I’ll buy.

  11. its cool and all butt wheres the trigger

  12. @VirgilHawkins1…Awesome design… Abney Park has Steampunk music -just thought I’d share that….

  13. does this shoot and if so it uses steam

  14. $500 – $800 ?

  15. Let’s see you get shot with it.

  16. Why do people post pointless observations to cool videos on you tube, like we really care how much you hate it. God people, stop being stupid.

  17. WHY!!!! why do people make pointless shit then post it on youtube like we really give a sh!t. god people stop being stupid


  19. lever on the side “steampunk” means “steam” powered weapon

  20. hahahahhahaha