Hilltree – Steampunk Doomsday Machine

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This is a first test with the Steampunk Doomsday Machine electronic effect.It can used as an effect after a guitar -synthesizer or drummachine. The audio signal goes after some transformers through the burning lightbulbs and controlled by two ldr’s.The whole thing gives a fuzz /compressor like effect.More at www.groenewoudnet.nl
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Fangoria 2010 - Machine

A first person walk through of ‘Machine’, a steam punk horror show we built and performed in our garage. more stuff from us here: www.deathtotheflippers.com This is in no way related to the magazine ‘Fangoria’ (which we grew up reading), we just named our show after it years ago and it stuck.
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  1. Respectfully, you may not know enough to be calling, bullshit. Ever hear of a modulation transformer? Basically this is modulating a DC signal You should be able to modulate a 230 VDC signal with an audio signal using an off the shelf AC 230 V power transformer. Because builders have been doing similar for years.

  2. I guess it’s true that no one reads all the information provided in the description boxes:) The builder is not making a schematic available.

  3. …But can it core a apple?

  4. The ultimate virginity protector!

  5. Hey I Watched! You’re Really Master Of Sound Electric I Think! I’m Just Only A Guitarist Who Sing And Play Feelings From My Soul And At The Moment I Willing To Get Up A Touring Show Group & My Band And My Band Of Choose Playing There! I Need All The People Especially The Drummer And The Bassist But Also E.G. Electric, Organizing, Repairing, Dancing, Helping, Cooking, Supporting, Mixing And Almost Anything Experts And Everyone Who Know Something To Do For It! I Give Thumbs Up! Thank You! ~Assa!

  6. Mooi gesproken. :) greetz Audiomoebe

  7. You can call bullshit.
    But you also could ask for a schematic and test it before calling bullshit.

  8. I call bullshit. This is not possible. No way. there is no way that those bulbs are 240V DC. No possible way that you could put an audio signal through a transformer and have it come out at at 240v. This would require an amplifier.

  9. interesting

  10. creative.

  11. I Like it

  12. You should bring this to Burning Man.

  13. What the hell? Why doesn’t this have more views?! D:

  14. Amazing. What a great project, truly inspirational to makers everywhere.

  15. Very nice video you’ve done.

  16. Wonderful!

  17. whew, that’s a lot of work, but wow it really turned out great! Hope to see more from you guys for sure!

  18. thanks! It took us about 18 months of tinkering to build the whole thing.

  19. Oh wow guys this is just INCREDIBLE! How long did it take you to set this all up?

  20. like if u just looked this up if u heard tha name from tha begginin of Im not okay MCR??

  21. Well then, where do you guy live?

    Reason = I would love to come over and experience the 2010 version of this show (the one with the time machine) for myself, or with someone in my family, in person!

  22. “You should be in the Cretaceous period”
    Should be? Not sure I want to trust a time traveler that isn’t absolutely certain when we are…

  23. I’m here, open mouthed and in a state of aw! OMG THAT ROCKED!! Sooo awesome! If I was there, I’d be asking to go again! xD *applauds* BRAVO!!

  24. why isn’t this called “Fagoria”?

  25. Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! You all did a splendid job!

  26. That…was…amazing! Truly a spectacular show! I hope to one day pull some off as awesome as this

  27. I just wanted to thank you guys again for this video. My friend and I recently created a video showing off one of our projects (search for “rocket ship treehouse”). Our video was heavily influenced by your fantastic Machine walkthrough. Great work.

  28. Damn, I clicked on here trying to see a movie trailer from the “Fangoria” company, but I couldn’t turn it off until the whole 10 min was up… What a nice unexpected surprise….Great job..

  29. LOVE what you’ve done to turn a small space into a lengthy show (video runs 10 mins). We are entering the third year with our pro 3D haunt. People love our show, but our space is limited and the only complaint is that the walkthrough is a tad short. I think a strategy such as this could really please our visitors. Thanks for the idea! The only downfall I see is that it makes for a bit of a bottleneck that will slow down our line, but that may be something we just have to accept. Well done!

  30. You took me back to all my fear’s in time! it was amazing and very well dun! A full screen play would be just amazing! it was awesome ..the sound ‘s and prop’s just PERFECT! -AND THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! ALOT OF HARD WORK WENT INTO THIS!

  31. nothing, the show was juts for our friends. We plan on doing something for the public this year