HD-No.14-Steampunk lamp designed by Filip Sawczuk www.filsawczuk.com

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HD-No.14-Steampunk lamp designed by Filip Sawczuk www.filsawczuk.com

”Sculpture lamp” HD made of cooper ,aluminium ,steel,brass

Illustration Drawing - Steampunk Mage Illustration Drawing

yarkspirifantasyart.com Like most of my video’s I use Adobe Photoshop to draw out the rough design and paint the finished piece. Yasmeen @ YarkspiriFantasyArt.com “steampunk mage Study” steampunk mage study “steampunk mage breakdown” breakdown “steampunk mage illustration” illustration…
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  1. Ya I noticed that too and have since changed my painting habits. I’ve stopped outlining the character before I start painting and it seems to have fix most of the lighting issues in my pieces.
    Since you requested another steampunk piece I’ll try to do one for next week’s video then.

  2. @Yarkspiri I noticed on the outlines of the character, it looks like he has his own light source and he pops out too much, maybe outline him with an earthy tone

    btw do some art steampunk themedplease

  3. I rarely use the hard edge brush tool mainly because it doesn’t allow for enough blending. The only time I will use it is if I want solid colors or edges on a piece and normally will use it the beginning stages of concept art. My personal preference however is a simple chalk brush instead.