Guns Of Icarus – EP01 – HMS Nancy Drew

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

***MINEZ WILL BE BACK TOMORROW but for today, we decided to give this game a shot. We really enjoyed it and thought we would share some video of it. If the response is good, we will continue to upload episodes.*** Guns of Icarus is a steampunk-themed turret defense game by indie game developer Muse Games, available both on PC and Mac. You captain an air ship and try to defeat your enemies using various customizable weaponry found on your choice of ship. Check out the other guys: Guude – Baj – Pause – Follow me: Shirts: Twitter Facebook: TwitchTV: Don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe!



  1. FUUUUU the guns suck cuz you suck

  2. yes! chilled plays this now you do!! ^_^ id rather watch u play :) keep makin those vids beef!

  3. I wouldn’t call it a turret defence game…

  4. Beef the reason the guns at the bottom keep breaking is cause Baj was flying through sandstorms and they were getting sand in them.

  5. more of this game please

  6. your guns break because you are flying through sand storms, go around them

  7. lead your shots damn it!

  8. He ment the needle shooting gun.

  9. more, more, more beef

  10. they were hitting their own team

  11. the dust clouds damage the ship

  12. We want more!

  13. are you gonna make another one of these they seem interesting

  14. more?

  15. no its a shotgun of some kind

  16. My god this game looks epic i want it

  17. Guns of Icarus isn’t exactly intuative. you really need to read up on everything and learn what guns do what, and also…Sandstorms. they screw up your guns. That was what kept destroying your guns.

  18. Pls more :(

  19. I’ll be honest, I’ve never shot at a moving target. But they are. And it DOES matter. If someone playing Battlefield is taking cross map shots with out accounting for drop, then they just suck. Still a game, they just suck balls at it.

  20. Beef next time try and jump off see what happens

  21. You need to make a series this looks so fun

  22. more

  23. Ah, I knew there was the push to talk, I thought that the original guy was asking for something more permanently active than push to talk. Misunderstandings eh?

  24. The push-to-talk button is set to X on default, but it can be rebinded to any other button if you wish to do so. There’s also a channel specifically for captains which can be used by pushing down C (again, can be rebinded), which allows you to communicate with the captains of other ships as the normal one would only allow you to talk to your own crew.

  25. Play more of this