Grungy Christmas Cards & Artist Trading Cards

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Videos | 12 comments

This is a compilation of the artist trading cards and last year’s Christmas cards that I created. Sorry for the lack of music…
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Wooden Gear Kinetic Art, Freewheel

Want to stay up to date with my latest creations? Subscribe me here or feel free to add me on Facebook – Mechanical kinetic sculpture featuring wooden gears. Matt black wood frame with clear perspex front. Driven by electric motor.
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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. Ganz klasse ! Great !

  3. I do. I create things that improve the quality of and save lives; patented and all. Good day, Sir.

  4. H8r. Why don’t you do something more creative than criticize?

  5. :P nevermind.

  6. BAM! took care of that. I don’t like that he called it “freewheel” when this isn’t a freewheel at all…it’s just a square grid of gears with different patterns cut out of the wheels.

  7. Sweet!

  8. i think this is the ONLY video i have ever seen without any dislikes…

  9. You have lost your mind.

  10. looks like it’s based on a planetary gear setup, so there could be a planet carrier in the background holding the gears in place on the other gears but rotating relative to the frame.

  11. Thanks Teo, glad you enjoy the work my friend!

  12. One of your best works, Brett. Just… incredible.