Growing Popularity of Steampunk Fashion

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The term steampunk clothes remind us of the fashion that has been weaved by mixing Victorian trends with new technology which came into existence since 1980s. In short the term “steam” is used in clothing to emphasis the idea of Victorian materials and machines and “punk” reminds us of unique creativity and style of the age. Thus Steampunk or Victorian science fiction rooted in steam powered machines and robots culture of the great Victorian era has highly influenced the fashion trends since 1980s.

As we all know that Victorian age reminds us of adventure, culture, and explorer. It was the time when both men and women behaved as they were. This was the time when women were free to work and wear as per their choice. They wore pants as they went out to work in the industries. Easy and comfortable clothing became the trend of the time.

Today while steampunks blended such Victorian era aesthetics with modern technology, it not only offers style, elegance but also offers, comfort, class, opulence and creativity at its best.

As said since 1980s and 1990s people have started experimenting with the fashion and richness of the Victorian era. The steampunk clothing reflects such experimentation in detail. To dress like a stempunk, your clothes must contain the Victorian flare with a modern touch. Women attires included elements like Victorian corsets and petticoats while the men’s fashion incorporates the Victorian military flare. The clothes also offers a bit more rugged feel, which is highly influenced by steam and coal. The clothes are generally dark in color the idea is that, that dark hue will easily hide the dirty coal shoot.

Other accessories like goggles and leather are heavily used, goggles to protect the eyes from smoke and leather as a lasting fabric.

Follow these below mentioned guidelines if you wish to dress in steampunk style;

• You may decide on blending anything you like, but it must have the elegant touch of the Victorian era.

• Lean on the Victorian costumes for ideas. Remember that it is all about aesthetics and how you can blend and recreate an illusive world of the late 19th century.

• Avoid branded clothes or labels that are prominently visible.

• Try and incorporate the characters like, an adventurer, or an explorer, an engineer or an aviator.

• Use colors like brown or more popularly “Sepia”.

• Fabric prints and steampunk patterns can be used in women garments to decorate the dress.

• All kind of gadgets can be used perfectly to accessorize the dress and enhance the look.

• Exploring instruments, like, telescopes, binoculars or compasses are the best props that can be taken from that era.

• Do not forget to wear a hat the iconic headgear of the age was the top hat.

• Both men and women may also use shawls, gloves or scarves and handkerchief.

For me it is somewhat an interaction of fiction, romance and science which also reflects in steampunk clothing and victorian Corsets. Thus it can be inferred that steampunk explores a philosophical thought by blending ideals of creativity with a dash of self- reliance and the optimistic thought of the Victorian age which projected the hopes for future and explore the unknown.