Graphic Steampunk

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King of the Web (Goldiestarling): Goldiestarling: Twitter: Products used: EYES Annabelle Smoothie Eye Pencil – Licoriche NYX e/s – Black Annabelle Kohl Liner – Black Annabelle Smudgepaint – Tar MAC e/s – Amber Lights MAC e/s – Brulle Miss Adoro Lashes – WSP CHEEKS Hard Candy Baked Blush – Pin Up LIPS Gosh Velvet Touch Pencil – Black NYX Lipstick – Golden Lustre NYC Lipgloss – Black NYX Gloss – 24 Karat SkullCrafts SteamPunk Basing Kit Review by Lester Bursley. Finally a kit for industrial sci-fi gamers. A very well put together kit I must say. Just look at all the materials you get in the kit. Love it.
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  1. Really nice…

  2. You’re in luck! I have a steampunk nail tutorial as well, if you search through my nail tutorial playlist you will find it. BTW, you were around when Jules Verne was writing?? ;)

  3. As someone who was there for the original steampunk and cyberpunk literary revolutions, I can honestly say you have done it justice. Magnificent. Hence my request. I am a male rock guitar player, and as you know many men who play rock guitar paint their nails. I would like to, but know nothing about it, and also want it to come it looking all cool and dark and steamy. ;-) Could you do a tutorial that takes a guy like me from noob to happenin’ dude? ;-0 Thanks!

  4. I just wanna do the eyemakeup right now! It is just amazing!

  5. k pritty! I love ur hat!

  6. I love this one so much. The sooty little slits make you look very authentic steampunky.

  7. I love love love love this look!!!!! totally going to try it out next time I go out to a show!! it’d work perfect with my Victorian shirts and boots!! :) so glad I found you again on youtube hehe !! subscribed :)

  8. This is an amazing make-up tutorial!
    I really like your profesionality (If thats a word, Oh well, i just made it one)
    Well I really really like it I hope my videos come out as good’

  9. you look like petrilude, feminine version !

  10. Thank you girl for fullfilling my request…I love it love it love it, did I mention I love it? You brought it girl OMG…I literally started salivating and thought Ive got to do this look! Sending white chocolate kisses from your gal stationed abroad in Germany.

  11. What crease brush did you use for this look?

  12. It’s awesome what you have done in your eyes!! And the lips as well!!

  13. Ahaha again unmm who did u hair hehe :)

  14. That lip is actually divine!!!! Adore it x

  15. I dig this look!!!! Gorgeous!

  16. Love the look, specially the eyes… Amazing (as usual)

  17. sick vid, I really wanna go get this now for making some steampunk minis. great stuff!!

  18. i think this kinda screams orks…………WAAAAGH

  19. these sets is go i just got it

  20. 2:04 ewwww pubes

  21. l think that is u put burnt statick grass the flaming statick grass in the middel with green statick grass that would look mad

  22. I’m gonna have to pick at least one of these up and possibly two just for good measure. I paint a lot of steampunk models.

  23. Awsome stuff, i went to their website, alot of the material seems to be actual material u can find in your yard?

  24. lol the burnt static gras reminded me of something xD

  25. impressive kit!

  26. Fantastic review mate. Those nitty gritty stuff gave me a million and one ideas.;)

  27. great review of their basing kit Les. Tons of little parts and things in there…..


  28. they are cool

  29. i need to get some of these now i mean its about time that i gave my models some nice basing not bog standerd !