Graphic 45 – Steampunk Debutante

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Graphic 45 – Steampunk Debutante

Here is a showing of the new Graphic 45 paper! Check it out, I think this is my fave of Graphic 45 paper. I LOVE it, it is so dark and different. I ordered the paper from
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  1. Becca…. NO BRAGGING ALLOWED!! LOL *smooch*

  2. kinda along the lines of Freida too…..I like it…I have it on order too!


  3. very nice

  4. Where is the link of who you ordered this from?

  5. Gotta have that one! Wow Amazing!

  6. By the way total BADASS style!!!!!!

  7. Hey wasn’t this song in the movie “Sucker Punch”.

  8. This is not a diy instructional video just a preview of whats to come, however these are all handmade DiY clothing. There will be diy videos coming real soon.

  9. very beautiful…and awesom clothing but it is not a diy there are no directions on how to do this…as most if not all diys tend to have, Do you have any way to tell us how to get an outfit like any of these?