gothic black and silver lace: bridal nails gothic victorian steampunk robin moses nail art tutorial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 14 comments

here are nails i did that were for the mother of the bride :) they are so beautiful with a gothic victorian flair…a steampunk feeling to them ethereal. they are elegant and beautiful for all occasions. much love and i hope you like them :) please show everyone! http
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  1. So pretty, I wish my hands were steady enough to do this!

  2. Omg that scared me o_o I thought you were the only one in the room xD
    Beautiful nails btw :3

  3. pretty


  5. i love the design… i jus want to see how u did the middle finger cuz thats wat i love the most. pleeeeeeeeezzzzzz???????

  6. I WANT :( 

  7. wow, it’s so easy to look at! but when you try it .. uhm … never mind XP hahaha

  8. Love these nails! Your rings are also really pretty!

  9. thank you so much :) i cannot wait to visit love and prayers goes out to you right now (from my heart) i really cannot wait to see norway and the netherlands especially…such beautiful nice people there :)

  10. aww..thank you so much :) xoxoxo

  11. Stunning.

  12. Ohm, sweeet !!!! I want these .. Please call if you visit Norway LOL !
    totally amazing , I adore them :D

  13. thanks! :D tags are fun. :) 

  14. they are really beautiful :)