Gotham City Impostors – Xbox 360 Steamy Punk DLC Is LIVE!!!

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 19 comments

Gotham City Impostors - Xbox 360 Steamy Punk DLC Is LIVE!!!

Brand new DLC for the xbox 360 has gone live it consists of the following Arkham Asylum Multiplayer Map Witchdoctor Electricity Gun Jetpack Mobility Gadget 5x XP Boost Pills Brand New Calling Cards Rainbow Camo Challenges Kitty Camo Challenges Dinosaur Camo Free Steam Punk Custom Character Costumes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A fairly rubbish vlog today because I’ve been either asleep or busy trying to get technology to work, things will get better in the future!
Video Rating: 3 / 5



  1. dude youre a fucking faggot this gun was made for you, and at least Jay doesnt sit in a fuckin corner with motivator and mighties.Think about it, this gun cant fucking spam because its slow reload time you dumbass.And i just happened to see you with the thunder dragon with missle attachments multiple times, so dont you even dare try to call Jay a spammer you fucking scrub. All you do is make this game bad for others so just get the hell off of gotham city.

  2. If you don’t give a rat’s @ss about what gun he’s using, why are you posting a comment on his video that’s really just saying you hate the hate the gun that he’s using?

  3. i hate the witch doctor! its so fricken annoying. everyone on the other team is just spamming it in all my games. and it disables a lot of things. the ninja smoke bomb, grappling hook, everything. i don’t even have the DLC yet so i cant even use it against them. its really getting on my nerves.

  4. lol go look up the definition of narcissistic. on a side note, im sure you and busted have plenty of good times playing with each other in the corner with the motivators, that wont be happening anymore :D

  5. stfu you narcisistic bitch we dont use that op gun because we dont like to noob things up like you spammers the dawn patrol in my hands will kill any mofo spammer thats a fact so dont hate cause the way i see it only we have the right to hate but me personally as i said i could give 2  #$%#’s bout what you use NOOB

  6. best…chose….ever

  7. Witch doctor sounds sa-weet!

  8. Can’t wait to see that gun get its ass patched. Seriously out powers everything to the point where you lose the fun factor.

  9. dMn bro so much hectic! there were flying balls of electricity bouncing everywhere!

  10. How much for this dlc?

  11. once again no money! but looks great and nice vid!

  12. Naww, I dont like the witch dr and the jetpack at all man! Especially the jetpack fucking sucks ballz! Maybe I should try the witch dr w your class, but for now, it sucks from point of view

  13. I just bought this, I got the challenge for the bouncy shot kills, and honestly, I think the gun is bad. I don’t like it.

  14. Word. The gun def looks interesting! (^_-)d

  15. And also can that counter flying face sitters (mighty and glider rigs)

  16. Going to use that gun with a deepfreezer ^^ dnt like the counter funfacs :(

  17. How much would the dlc be for ps3

  18. Wish I had $5 for this lol.

  19. This one’s genuinely quite funny hahaha