Gotham City Impostors – Nothing Lasts Forever Ep 2 – Aol Keywords vs Twitter Hashtags

Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Videos | 14 comments

So I do like to sit around with friends and think about the things we thought would be around forever and didnt end up that way. So im turning these into a series where i just muse about the random things that were ”too big too die” and compare them to things that are similar now a days. Follow me!!! in this gotham city impostors online multiplayer gameplay commentary on the game mode team death match not bounty hunter i am using the burly custom character body type loadout with a partisan 3 round burst semi automatic assault rifle with reflex sight weapon modification attachment persuader pump action 12 gauge shotgun with penetration slug ammo modification batman grappling hook mobility gadget ammo and health carepackage support gadget horse healthy fun fact 1 kinda bulletproof fun fact 2 on the gci beta map crime alley
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  1. wait, what was the map that was laggy and also usually only one person has a green bar and that is the server host usually picked by random and man I wish there was a kick server host or exchange host with other players.

  2. My Phone still says “pound key” in the voicemail.

  3. Hey! Can i have a few of the gameplays that you have stocked? i dont have a PVR yet and i really wanna do Gotham City… Please Answer!

  4. the Keyword for this game play is “Great”! great game play its nice to see a break from lollipop chainsaw thingy…*liked*

  5. i hate goin up against nygma war…

  6. I just watched “is gci dead” before this and panicked you would stop doing it :P 

  7. i have still thought about buying this game and im not sure if i should or not

  8. haha the way you say ask <3

  9. The lag isn’t bad for me, and i usually get into a match in 5 minutes. I hope they fix the game for everyone.

  10. Just rage quit this game! LAGGGGGGGGG is killing me!!!!!

  11. Did u get your gold deep freeze,desperado,and kingmaker yet? :o

  12. Is the lag u get like it just jam’s then it plays after 15sec or 30sec

  13. yessir you are damn right about that. glad to see some people still remember good times :D

  14. Back in my day, a hashtag was called a pound sign.