Glimmar’s Steampunk HiDef Animation Tour.wmv

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Glimmar’s Steampunk HiDef Animation Tour.wmv

Glimmar's Steampunk HiDef Animation Tour.wmv

A vid showing my new water, lava, fire and portal animation for my Minecraft texture pack – ‘Glimmar’s Steampunk’. Set in my own world of ‘NewGlim’ currently under reconstruction from the ashes of my first Minecraft world. Thanks to Josh and ‘Vernian Process’ for the music soundtrack combining ‘The Last Express’ with ‘Into the Depths’ link:
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Hughes & Kettner endorsee Alex Lifeson (RUSH) talking about the “Time Machine over America” Tour Alex Lifeson, the legendary guitarist with Canadian Rock Giants RUSH introduces us to his “astonishing” new Hughes & Kettner “Steampunk” rig just as RUSH embark on their “Time Machine over America” 2010 tour. Visit us on facebook: Hughes & Kettner Website: The interview took place in Sony Film Studios, Culver City Los Angeles California at the final pre-production rehearsals for the “Time Machine” tour.



  1. Haha! Thanks, mate. :D

  2. Glimmer, you magnificent bastard, you’ve done it again!

  3. I’m pretty busy in RL, so I haven’t made any, nor do I include any, specific Tekkit modifications in the pack itself.

    However, if you visit my thread on the MC Forums… link in the video description above. I have a ‘Mod Support’ section there, where users of my pack have been using my textures to support various mods, so that I’m free to concentrate on updating and maintaining the base pack. . This is administered by ksheep, a long time friend on the forum there. Check it out. :)

  4. Does this work with Tekkit?

  5. Thanks, slyrock. :)

    It’s getting a bit out of date now. Many new animations and more detailed textures have been added and rather a lot as changed since.

  6. Goddamn that looks pretty beast

  7. …look at the description and the “Uploader Comments.” They clearly state that it’s “The Last Express,” by “Vernian Process.”

  8. The music used in the video is in the info panel above. :) Two pieces of music by the steampunk band ‘Vernian Process’. The first bit of music is called ‘The Last Express’ and the video finishes to the sounds of ‘Into the Depths’. I’ve put the link in my video description now.

  9. looks cool whats the song your using me and my mates are doing a steam punk series and then song would work at the start

  10. I would also like to know the song. If you could message me if you get a reply that would be fantastic and much appreciated.

  11. Might I ask the first song? o.o
    I simply must know! D:

  12. You didn’t show the animals enough

  13. This+Tekkit=Techgasm

  14. MineCraft Mondays :D


  16. I thought we were going to see all of the animated tiles in this pack.

  17. I was thinking of moving gears and stuff :)

  18. there is animation. but u might not have patched it using mcpatcher. try that and see if u can get it to work. dont want anyone missing out on this awsome texturepack

  19. On this new tour, they designed a new cabinet which on the outside is shaped like an antique curio cabinet with curved glass on the front, and all kinds of porceline figurines inside, made by Precious Moments, and animal-shaped crystal ornaments, like dolphins and teddy bears, by Swarovski. And in the back, behind 2 beautifully hand-painted decorative plates, there are 2 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The amps are contained in separate cabinets shaped like a travel chest by Louis Vuitton.

  20. @usaSAVAGE People get old, its part of life, and usually added weight around the mid section is a result. I started a band called destitute heavyweights.

  21. Alex is in need of some cycling training to tone down that tire around his waste that he’s developed lol.

  22. nice amp and cabnets.
    do they go to 11?

  23. ok one i agree music sucks today but everything in this generation dose too? thats bullshit look at what youre watching this on its called youtube made in THIS generation and most of the internet too and some good bands are emerging too youre just too focused on what media makes popular not whats actually going on most pepole perfer this music over what the labels are pushing out nowadays

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  26. This is Steampunk going Mainstream ! 

  27. It’s sad that there are no super groups today. not many bands that can claim the same status that RUSH holds. Today’s listeners have an attention span of approximately 30 seconds, hence the MP3, Ipod downloads of today. It used to be that record labels would take the time to help a band form into something that LISTENERS could appreciate. Now….. If it’s not a hit…….C YA!!!! One song, one cd, one download and your out.

  28. the generation before you said the same thing when your generation of music came along.

  29. In Canada, ‘right behind us’ actually means ‘right in front of us’.

  30. What are they supposed be? Old timetable radios, nuclear power plant control room panel, aircraft tour control panel ? Bizarre.

  31. I saw rush 2 or 3 weeks ago in ATX

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  33. ahahahahahhaahahahahhaah

  34. 3rd row in Sheffield ,agreed Awesome!!

  35. The presenter is shitting it .. god knows why its Alex Lifeson!!! Those amps are great, saw them front row in Sheffield… AMAZING!

  36. I saw Rush yesterday evening in Rotterdam – believe me, those amps work – I still can’t hear a damn thing today.

  37. offsa is thatwhat you call it an overdub? crap played us ears as a fool, mz crabople tell spike to take their iodine uptake shitake inhibitor core blade my ass! i love alex’s quivering confidence, her voice in the back

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  39. I always wonder why someone hit the thumbs down.